TV Guide’s Hollywood 411 interviews Carlos Bernard

Carlos Bernard is interviewed by TV Guide’s Hollywood 411 host Chris Harrison about Tony Almeida’s miraculous resurrection and return to the seventh season of 24.

YouTube Link: 24: Carlos Bernard


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[..YouTube..] Aaro, what the hell are you talking about? Carlos didn’t give away shit, not to mention this was taped mid-season. He even played it off like Jack and Tony were actually on the same side. He even said jack and Tony completely trusted each other and said, “they know they aren’t hiding anything from each other.” Have you even finished the season?

[..YouTube..] Brilliant interview. Good actor and great guy. We love him in Scotland!

[..YouTube..] best character, glad he wasn’t a ready bad guy.

[..YouTube..] Almeida is probably my favorite character of the show. And Carlos seems like a major guy.. Like I totally wanna hang out with him

[..YouTube..] He’s really excited at 4:07 You can tell he actually has had that experience.

[..YouTube..] Tony Alemida is one of the best characters on t.v!

[..YouTube..] GAAAAAH!!!!! they said a spoiler !

[..YouTube..] carlos or tony seems cool….wouldn’t mind sitting out for a drink with him n jack!!!

[..YouTube..] Tony Almeida, tu mirada… Tu mirada lo dice todooo!!

[..YouTube..] wow spoiler!!!! dont watch this interview if u havent watched season 7!!!

[..YouTube..] @mortaj aye mate hes one of the best

[..YouTube..] Almeida For Life!


[..YouTube..] In 24 he’s so mean and coldblooded but in real life he seems really nice and friendly? THAT’s good acting!

[..YouTube..] Carlos, let’s hang out.

i love how he always looks down during interviews. too human <3

[..YouTube..] this guy is the best actor from 24, hands down, 24 is nothing without him

[..YouTube..] @Fl0wersInTheWind0w its one of the best actors in 24.
24 have many brilliant actors if you noticed,the one that i stayed with my mouth opened who killed is Bill Buchanan.

ME: I love all the characters,i love the whole 24,was AWESOME!

i wish to bring back with Season 9!

[..YouTube..] tony almedia is the best!!!!!

[..YouTube..] We were upset when he get killed on the seaon 5 ,now is back and better !!! And very surprising on the season 7 !!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @ejavoric What? He is like the lamest non-bad-guy character! he doubts Jack all the time and does stuff wrong, I liked Chloë O’Brien much more, she was honest and said what she thought

[..YouTube..] Tony Almeida is one of my favorite character !! I love 24 hours a lot.

[..YouTube..] I was sad they didn’t bring Tony back in season 8, the way they took him out in season 7 made me sad, all he wanted was to punish that dude but his best friend jack had to keep him from doing it…

[..YouTube..] He should not do HEROIN before going on an interview (the scratching, droopy eyes). The man is high as a Kite!

[..YouTube..] he is so hot i LOVE him!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @eaturcrap Yeah thanks for ruining it for people that haven’t watched it yet. :)

[..YouTube..] @aethiops007 Is that even remotely serious? He blatantly isn’t on heroin, have you ever even seen someone on heroin?

[..YouTube..] @LiamCrowley1990 YES.

[..YouTube..] @aethiops007 Well then I guess all I can say to you is nice trolling, dick.

[..YouTube..] WATCH`.’THE’;’FULL,.;TV`,;SHOW`,,ONLINE.,;

[..YouTube..] he is awesome but he looks better with goT but he is awesome in 24