24 fans petition to bring Michelle Dessler back

Some fans just don’t want to let go… Michelle Dessler fans Camellia and Fanny have created a petition in order to bring her back to life.

Although a miraculous revival for the character (who was blown up in a car bomb in the Season 5 premiere) doesn’t really seem feasible, it’s nice to see passionate fans.

Was it in the interest of the show to kill Michelle Dessler? We don’t think so because by doing that, they killed 2 birds with one stone: not only one of the best female characters of 24 but also the couple who had the best chemistry we had ever seen on TV.

Michelle Dessler's final scene
Michelle Dessler's final scene

According to the producer Howards Gordon, they ran out of her story. But if they didn’t need her in season 5, why didn’t they try to find another way to justify her absence? To deprive the show of this great character forever or to deprive the fans of the hope to see her again…

Michelle was definitively part of the show; not only because she was there for three years but also because every ingredient was satisfied to make her endearing: the scenario (she has looked death in the face so many times with the CTU explosion, the virus or her kidnapping…) and her talent .

The show has lost its credibility: why don’t the other characters seem to be sad when they learn of her death? We thought that Jack was supposed to be her friend and Buchanan to have a soft spot for her.

Anyway, by playing in 24 Reiko proved to the great majority who didn’t know her before at which point she was talented; she made a name for herself.

We can’t help thinking that without Michelle, 24 will never be the same. And no doubt the show lost more than the actress. Because if Michelle isn’t coming back , Reiko is more present than ever in the heart of million people now… it’s just the beginning of a brilliant career!

If you want Michelle back, sign the petition here. Just don’t expect much to come of it, unless the writers decide to go with a soap opera twin storyline. This petition is more about voicing your displeasure to the writers.