Nazneen Contractor

24 Season 8 Set Pictures – Episode 15/16, November 11

More pictures from the 24 set for episodes 15/16 directed by Brad Turner. The scene being filmed involved Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) running out of a building with lots of pigeons around him. You can also see Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) in a bulletproof vest and President Hassan’s wife (Necar Zadegan) and daughter Kayla (Nazneen… View Article

Nazneen Contractor and stunt double Sera Trimble

Nazneen Contractor with stunt double Sera Trimble

Stunt double Sera Trimble posted a picture on her blog with Nazneen Contractor who plays 24‘s Kayla Hassan. Kayla is the daughter of President Omar Hassan (played by Anil Kapoor) who is the target of an assassination attempt.

Nazneen Contractor

How Nazneen Contractor landed her “24” role

University of Toronto Magazine has done a profile piece on actress Nazneen Contractor who plays Kayla Hassan in the upcoming season of 24. In it there’s a brief mention of how she met her boyfriend Carlo Rota (24‘s Morris O’Brian) on the set of Canadian television series Relic Hunter, and how she landed her gig… View Article

Nazneen Contractor’s role extended to 13 episodes

24 producers, luckily including a few Canadians who knew her work, cast her — but for only two episodes–as Kayla Hashemi, the beautiful daughter of an Islamic president. After wrapping the two episodes in June, she got an unexpected call saying they wanted her back–for 11 more. “I’m ecstatic they liked my character enough to… View Article

Nazneen Contractor cast as Kayla Hashemi

At the very bottom of a Hollywood Reporter article on Freddie Prinze Jr. is word that Nazneen Contractor has been cast for the role of Kayla Hashemi: Also cast as a recurring on the 20th TV/Imagine series is Nazneen Contractor as Kapoor’s daughter. Here is the information on Kayla Hashemi from the casting call: Kayla… View Article