Nazneen Contractor with stunt double Sera Trimble

Stunt double Sera Trimble posted a picture on her blog with Nazneen Contractor who plays 24‘s Kayla Hassan. Kayla is the daughter of President Omar Hassan (played by Anil Kapoor) who is the target of an assassination attempt.

Stunt double Sera Trimble and 24 actress Nazneen Contractor (Kayla Hassan)

You might be wondering, like me, why Nazneen Contractor would require a stunt double. Trimble’s blog description says “I enjoy nothing more than driving cars to their limits on different surfaces. Much of the time not working is spent broadening my driving techniques in different vehicles. I have experience driving with Pursuit Crane and Ultimate Arm systems, various camera rigs, stunt techniques i.e – 180’s/reverse-180’s, 270’s, 360’s, etc. and helicopter work.”

It would seem to me that Kayla Hassan’s life is in danger and she becomes involved in some type of car chase during the mid-season episodes (episode pair 11 and 12 are currently filming now). Back when Nazneen Contractor’s role was extended from two episodes to thirteen episodes, she said “I hope [my character] ends up being kidnapped”. It appears as if her wish was granted.

Source: The Asian Woman Driver blog