Nazneen Contractor’s final episode count in ’24’

This came as somewhat of a surprise to me:

The stars seem especially aligned for Toronto newcomer Nazneen Contractor, who at 24 is the same age as the series title. Contractor was initially slotted to shoot only two episodes this season as Kayla Hassan, the daughter of President Omar Hassan (Slumdog Millionaire villain Anil Kapoor). But after seeing how her heartbreakingly beautiful face lit up the screen, producers ended up using her for a full 21 episodes.

Contractor reports she’s in Dallas shooting a FOX pilot titled Midland.

Interesting seeing as Anil Kapoor (Omar Hassan) is only in sixteen episodes yet his daughter Kayla is in 21 of them.

Nazneen’s role had originally been extended to 13 episodes so it was assumed her part would be wrapping up, yet now it’s revealed she’s in nearly the entire season.

Kayla was missing in action in the ninth episode, so that leaves just two more absences for the rest of the season (which according to IMDB will be episodes 23 & 24).

There’s also an interesting tease about Kiefer Sutherland’s future:

But expect more than the movie from Sutherland: Industry buzz is that he’s been approached by more than one network about the possibility of executive producing and creating another action TV drama.

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Another action TV drama would be cool but nothing can top 24!!!!!! Sorry!!

Kind of interesting that this actress would appear in 21 episodes and yet Anil said he will appear in 16, since he appeared in 13 out of 14 so far.

That is Morris with her, right?

Yes K, they have been dating (or have been married – forget which) for several years now.

Thanks. I had no clue they were together.

WTF? Carlo Rota is 48 years old (and is turning 49 in 2 weeks), that is twice Nazneen Contractor’s age.