Nazneen Contractor’s role extended to 13 episodes

Nazneen Contractor

24 producers, luckily including a few Canadians who knew her work, cast her — but for only two episodes–as Kayla Hashemi, the beautiful daughter of an Islamic president. After wrapping the two episodes in June, she got an unexpected call saying they wanted her back–for 11 more.

“I’m ecstatic they liked my character enough to keep me going,” says the bookishly sexy and sultry brunette who was born in Mumbai, India, but moved to Toronto as a child.

“It’s always been my favourite show, my mother and I watched it together every week and when I came to Los Angeles (for audition season), she said, ‘Can’t you get a job on 24?’ ”

But more about 24: will she tell us why her character will be coming back so often for the much anticipated new season that begins in January?

“On 24, they write the show as they go along. Honestly, I haven’t been told . . . (but) I hope I end up being kidnapped.” She hasn’t filmed a scene yet with fellow Canadian Kiefer Sutherland — whom she has met socially a number of times — but hopes to soon.

“It’s filmed in blocks. They’re off in the desert or somewhere, we’re still in the studio.”

Source: Sun Media