24 Season 8 Episode 12

24 Scenemakers 8×12: EMP Blast

The tenth Scenemakers of 24 Season 8 with director Nelson McCormick, Mykelti Williamson and special effects coordinator Scott Blackwell. I just want to say that I really enjoyed the two hours that Nelson McCormick directed this season (11 & 12) and I hope to see him come back and do some more episodes if we… View Article

John T. Woods

John T. Woods guest starring in 24 Season 8 as Bellow

Actor John T. Woods has updated his official web page with the text “Co-starring on ’24’ on FOX. Filming in Oct.” According to his IMDB listing, Woods will be playing a character named “Bellow” in (at least) the 12th episode, which is 3AM to 4AM in the storyline. It’s not clear as to whether this… View Article

Nazneen Contractor and stunt double Sera Trimble

Nazneen Contractor with stunt double Sera Trimble

Stunt double Sera Trimble posted a picture on her blog with Nazneen Contractor who plays 24‘s Kayla Hassan. Kayla is the daughter of President Omar Hassan (played by Anil Kapoor) who is the target of an assassination attempt.