24 Season 8 Recap: Episode 12 (3:00AM-4:00AM)

24 Season 8 episode 12 “For Your Eyes Only” recap from FOX.

YouTube Link: 24 – For Your Eyes Only Recap “3:00am-4:00am”


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[..YouTube..] 24, it might be enjoyable if it wasn’t such a disturbingly realistic representation of American foreign policy.

[..YouTube..] Best Episode this season! Will CTU recover? Cant wait for next week!!!

[..YouTube..] this is the last year for 24 ,i hear there going 2 make a 24 movie a couple years down the line

[..YouTube..] “he just wants to know who to talk to when a drone plane crashes into a high rise”

[..YouTube..] it’s getting better and better !!!
Please give us another season ! MORE Jack !!!

[..YouTube..] omg man awsome

[..YouTube..] Awesome show, awesome cartoon….. Can Fox go wrong with 24???