24 Season 8 Episode 12 Promo (3:00AM-4:00AM)

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×12 (3:00AM – 4:00AM) Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] I have never loved a show so much & wanted it to be cancelled so badly!

[..YouTube..] SECURITY!!!!

[..YouTube..] what they gonna drop on CTU? a bomb, a terrorist unit? a nuclear device?

damn it!
one more week to wait

[..YouTube..] Let’s see how next week becomes.

[..YouTube..] RUN BUBBA, RUN!!!

[..YouTube..] LMFAO. The last bit with Hastings running is too funny.

[..YouTube..] This is why I like to watch 24 on dvd so I can watch it till I drops! :-/

I had a great laugh of Hasting running, I didn’t think I would see that.. :-P

[..YouTube..] @astrobodingo lol

[..YouTube..] there 2 interesting things, @ 22-24s before Kloe say OMG! on the giant monitor, there is somebody in the conference room or being seen leaving… But Donna Walsh got to be a mole somehow, anybody? the bitch cant switch w her past work CTU like it was TacoBell [email protected] 26s she is grabbing somebody too SECURITY SECURITY!!!!

[..YouTube..] actually @ 19s first and @ 25s later :)

[..YouTube..] SECURITTYY!!

There’s really not that much on hints, only thing they suggest is Dana Walsh…. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out

[..YouTube..] maybe the nuclear rods are to go off at CTU?

[..YouTube..] I doubt it.

[..YouTube..] The last couple of weeks have been filler I mean having the mother of a suicide bomber come to talk him out of it for crying out loud that’s the best solution CTU and Jack can come up with? major filler huge disappointment. I only hope next week we can go another hour without seeing Pres. Taylor she is so annoying and that plot is a bunch of filler urgh. That said next week does look very sweet and I have the iTunes pass so I can watch it on Tuesday on my iPod with no breaks for advertisements.

[..YouTube..] @Arch1ee I like to watch it on my iPod with the season pass :)

[..YouTube..] I don’t think CTU will have the nuclear rods dropped on them or whatever. I mean, the terrorists haven’t even had enough time to build a bomb out of them because they’ve been sending the rods to location after location for the past several hours to keep CTU from tracking them down. However, it’s clear that CTU is likely to be compromised in one way or another during this next episode. I mean, Hastings yelling “SECURITYYYYYYY! SECURITYYYYYYYYYYYY!” at the end of the promo proves that much.

[..YouTube..] Security!!!!! hahaha

[..YouTube..] Can anyone guess whats going to happen

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart Of course we might all be wrong. Maybe Hastings’ wife somehow got the impression him and Chloe had a thing going and she’s decided to come deal with it… ‘SECURITY!’

[..YouTube..] My bet is the parole officer isnt really a parole officer and has ties to Hassan and blackmails Dana to get Kayla out of CTU. Chloe yelling ‘omg’ is probably to seeing Dana taking out inept CTU security and trying to smuggle Kayla out.

[..YouTube..] @sdhummer actually I don’t think we saw her this episode past. We didn’t see Weiss or Ethan Kanin either (although with Ethan it’s been a while, shame, I liked him)

[..YouTube..] Hasting running like a bitch yelling “security”, that’s funny

[..YouTube..] Security!

[..YouTube..] security !??!?! isn’t the entire staff of CTU security in some sense ?!

[..YouTube..] Chloe and Hastings having something going on is about as likely as David Palmer returning later in this season. In other words, not likely at all. LOL! Also, there haven’t been very many indications that Hastings is married, although that could be a possibility.

[..YouTube..] @Arch1ee When I was watching the preview last night, I was on the edge of my seat, thinking for sure that Slumdog’s daughter was a goner. Then all of a sudden…”SECURITY!!!!”, and I fell off the seat…LMAO! 24 is always good for an unexpected laugh! Hastings, you clown!

[..YouTube..] LMFAO….fuckin Slumdog!!! His daughter is gonna get the Nick Berg special next week to a soundtrack of ” allah akbar”

hahaha milton from office space is the P.O. have u seeen my stapler??

[..YouTube..] The previews look awesome every week. But when I watch the episode, it is a total letdown.

[..YouTube..] @insultguy

What do you mean letdown? What is it you want from the show. Please dont tell me action, explosions etc.. The season has beautifully unfolded, it didnt blow its load too quickly, we’re nearly 12 episodes in and I still have no real idea whats gonna happen next.

I think you need to appreciate the beauty of how this season is unfolding, we’ve got some real character development this season, not to mention a consistent, coherent story. We’re getting to the good stuff now but just

[..YouTube..] @insultguy

Becasue you havent been able to appreciate that isnt a problem with this season.

And before you mention the Dana plot, yes its not great but then again every season has weak sideplots: Erin Driscoll and her daughter, Kim Bauer in Season 1 & 2, Chloe and the baby in season 3, Sandra and Walid in Season 6. But the main plot is strong, very solid.

I’d rather they have taken 12 episodes to re-establish Renees cover with the russians, rather than 1 episode which is what past seasons

[..YouTube..] @insultguy

Would have done, this season is concentrating on offering a story, and its working. But my guess is we’re about to get to the good stuff now. Episode 12 looks awesome but we all know the two hour episode is coming up within weeks (April 5th, episodes 15 and 16 shown together) and they’ve been described as the “Best episodes of 24 ever” so hold tight and dont blow your load too early.

[..YouTube..] i alrady blew my load, can’t wait any longer for this episodee :(

[..YouTube..] shut the fuck up dumbshit

[..YouTube..] Just watched the latest episode.. This is looking very lame season :( They are out of ideas and mixing in old seasons bits and pieces to try to make an episode now :(..

[..YouTube..] WHAT?
Aduction daugther again?
CTU under attack again??

Who is coming to CTU? Wade??
Will CTU folk die in this episode? (especially Chole – Old cast)
Will Renee save CTU? (if she is still in there)


[..YouTube..] LOL Hasting always has a Bluethooth headset, ultra communication tools, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL NOW HE’S RUNNING LIKE A MANIAK!!

[..YouTube..] I can’t wait until 3:52…… until then every single day at 3:52 (AM or PM) if I am awake I will yell SECURITY!! as loud as possible :P XD

[..YouTube..] i think maybe hastings’ yelling security because the terrorists maybe decided to take a small bit of the uranium and bring it to CTU as a decoy? chloe sees the uranium on their tracker thingy and goes like omg? but we’ll have to see!

[..YouTube..] All I have to say is this show better start getting awesome…

I dont see how an attack on ctu is anything new… they have done that before…

[..YouTube..] I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Hastings sucks at acting. Horrible casting job. But he’s great for a good laugh.

[..YouTube..] @sdhummer, I agree. President Taylor is a weak character. 24’s casting has gotten poor.

[..YouTube..] LMAO! I read DorvellTStewar’s comment first, and I’m like, “wtf, someone must be tripping on acid thinking Chloe and Hasting has a thing.” But, then I read your comment, and it’s pure brilliance. Haha, awesome comment.

[..YouTube..] lol this promo makes me laugh at 3:15 blah blah then Security Security lol still 24 is one of the best shows out there the guy yelling security was also in an amazing show boomstown

[..YouTube..] I bet CTU is gonna turn on Jack again…or maybe…Jack is a terrorist…wouldn’t that be something!

[..YouTube..] Also @ 0:24 – 0:25, it looks like Dana is walking a girl out….maybe it’s the girl?

[..YouTube..] 0:23 Notice on the right of the screen there is a feed of the video of where Hassan’s daughter is being held hostage – but she isn’t there….

[..YouTube..] For people who think this season has been boring so far or that miss Renee, I have some great news. I found an interview with Annie Wersching on G4 and she says some very cool things near the end of it. Apparently, this is the last hour of her “nap”. She’ll be back in the next hour with a gun. She said things return to season 7 style Jack and Renee, which should be awesome.

[..YouTube..] Thanks =) I thought so

[..YouTube..] anyone realize that Hastings is Bubba from Forrest Gump??????????? Shrim soup, shrimp bbq, shrimp salad, haha. BUBBBBBBAAAAAAAA

[..YouTube..] “The hour you can’t miss!” That sounds good in my ears. :)

[..YouTube..] It’s probably an attempt to compromise them / radiological detectors.

E.G. – Presidents Daughter strapped in the car wired with Explosives heading at 90mph to the edge of the tunnel. Chain reaction throughout CTU. Whoooooom, whoosh, Bang. Bang. WEEE.

Explains why people are running and trying to block off the CTU tunnel..

[..YouTube..] Lol @ all the haters when they’re still watching it’s 8th season…

[..YouTube..] so far i havnt seen a ctu special agent in charge to run away when they see a terrorist in real life screaming like a little girl… i dont know if hastings knows but…. ctu stands for counter TERRORIST unit… its kind of his job 2 cum face 2 face with terorists… lol

[..YouTube..] @CovertOPSDragunov Weird sense of humour… ¿¿¿¿¿whats so funny about it????? … man it doesn’t make any sense.

[..YouTube..] @vahnfish Yeah the haters are so stupid that they don’t realize they actually love 24 and they watch every episode of the show.

[..YouTube..] i bet that tarin is going to go to CTU

[..YouTube..] @CovertOPSDragunov ¿¿¿¿What is so funny about the “security” scream of hastings????? man that isn’t funny at all, doesn’t make any sense!
seriously explain what is so funny about it because I don’t get it.

[..YouTube..] omg the terrorist just got a 15 kill streak

[..YouTube..] It’s seems like Season 8 has lowered the Drama on through Episode 6 through 10.

[..YouTube..] This episode ROCKED!!!!

[..YouTube..] i thought i was tired of seeing ctu bomb but i gotta admit it was a greAT PLOT ON HOW THEY GOT HIT OH MY GOSH SECRUITY SECRUITY LOL OSCAR ANYONE

[..YouTube..] Awesome episode!

[..YouTube..] it made me laugh cause of the character hastings played before this was a funny cop

[..YouTube..] can u plz upload the episodes too thnx

[..YouTube..] All the episdoes of 24 so far weren’t boring!keifer is the best actor in the world and so is Annie wersching and evryone else!i love what they done with the new ctu! I love how in this episdoe, they trick president hassan’s daughter into the car, i really didn’t see that comming..i could go on and on but my mom is yelling to get of the computer.