Review Roundup: 24 Season 8 Episode 12 (3:00AM – 4:00AM)

Kayla Hassan held hostage in 24 Season 8 Episode 12
Kayla Hassan held hostage in 24 Season 8 Episode 12 Monday’s Episode of 24 Was the Best So Far This Season

There’s no point in holding back. Monday’s episode of 24 was the best one so far this season.

It had a bit of everything: Jack doing Jack things. Romantic betrayal, redemption, then more betrayal—by a ripped terrorist who looks like he’s been hitting the monkey bars pretty hard at the Al Qaeda training camp. The clock ticking on a webcast execution. Compromised nuclear security. Another direct attack on CTU. And maybe even a tiny bit of redemption for the Dana Walsh storyline, thanks to Stephen Root. Nine minutes in, five guys down on ’24’

Well, in this latest episode, I got a HUGE plate piled high, buffet-style. The more action I wanted, the more the show gave me, serving after serving. By the time the bill came, (read: credits rolled) I was both stuffed and exhausted. The verdict? Satisfied.

I thought this was easily the best episode of the season. As the plot twisted, bobbed and weaved its way through the hour, I was on the edge of my comfy “24 watching” seat the entire time. Even with the obvious deficiency of the “ghost of the dumb subplot past” (aka the Kevin/Dana saga), it was still a strong show. ’24’ recap: You really blew it this time, Kayla

Last night’s episode was the season’s best by far; I didn’t see Tarin’s double-cross of Kayla coming for a mile, nor did I predict the plot point to take out CTU.


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Looks like the romantic betrayal of Cole and Dana will reach a breaking point and it looks like Renee will get redemption, judging by those articles.

Which articles Brendan? What am I missing?