TV Guide scans from 24 series finale

Thanks to BennyBlog for the scan. [Full Size] Looks like Cole Ortiz is in Jim Ricker’s apartment with a shotgun – and camera operator Guy Skinner is wearing protective gear which probably means the scene is about to get messy/bloody. It also says that Jack Bauer gets shot. Since Kiefer appears to be standing in… View Article

TV Guide Scans January 4th

Two scans from the January 4th-12th issue of TV Guide Magazine, one of them is a Sprint advertisement with new season 8 artwork and the other is an article with set photos. Thanks to Patikakes and BennyBlog for the scans!

Cherry Jones at FOX All-Star Party TCA Summer Tour in August 2009

Cherry Jones previews first two 24 Season 8 scripts

TV Guide Magazine has a brief article in which Cherry Jones (Allison Taylor) teases the first two scripts of the eighth season. “Cherry Jones offered a preview of the first two scripts for next season’s 24 which begins shooting this week. About 18 months have passed since the terrors of Season 7. Jack and Renee… View Article

24 Redemption Jack Bauer advertisement (magazine scan)

24 Redemption magazine advert

Here’s a scan of the 24 Redemption magazine advertisement featuring Jack Bauer with an Ak-47 and the awesome tag line “Hope has a fighting chance” Thanks, Jenni!

Sean Astin as Lynn McGill in 24 Season 5

Sean Astin in People Magazine

Sean Astin, best known as hobbit Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings, now plays Lynn McGill, acting head of the Counter Terrorism Unit on FOX’s 24. Astin, 34, recently helped create an educational web site (www.learnaboutbipolar.com) on bi-polar disorder. (His mother, actress Patty Duke, was diagnosed with it 25 years ago.) Scoop caught up… View Article

Sean Astin as Lynn McGill in 24 Season 5 Episode 5

Sean Astin praised by TV Guide in “Cheers and Jeers”

24‘s Sean Astin (aka Lynn McGill) made the March 6, 2006 TV Guide magazine. CHEERS to Sean Astin for his surprisingly forceful performance on 24. We admit that we were skeptical when we first heard that the “Lord of the Rings” hobbit would be playing Jack Bauer’s take-charge new boss at CTU. But even saddled… View Article