Sean Astin in People Magazine

Sean Astin as Lynn McGill in 24 Season 5
Sean Astin as Lynn McGill in 24 Season 5

Sean Astin, best known as hobbit Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings, now plays Lynn McGill, acting head of the Counter Terrorism Unit on FOX’s 24. Astin, 34, recently helped create an educational web site ( on bi-polar disorder. (His mother, actress Patty Duke, was diagnosed with it 25 years ago.) Scoop caught up with him in New York.

Who bugs you to reveal 24 secrets?
Tony Danza. I was just on his shown and… he tied me up and electric-shocked me. I’ve revealed [plot secrets] to a couple of people close to me, and their faces have gone ashen. People don’t really want to know. They want to watch the show.

Talk about how you got the role on 24.
I went to the chiropractor. He said, “Do you want to meet the creator of the show?” I said, “Umm, okay.” He opens the door, and there in his boxer shorts on the chiropractor’s table is [co-creator] Joel Surnow. I said, “I love the sho.” He said, “Do you want to be on it?” I said, “Sure.”

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Sean Astin in People magazine March 20, 2006