Anil Kapoor returning to Los Angeles to film more ’24’

Update 3/28/2010: I have been told by a huge Anil Kapoor fan that Anil has NOT returned to Los Angeles. Although this interview/article was first published in a February issue of TV Guide, it was apparently conducted months beforehand – Anil’s final episode count likely remains at sixteen. The original post is below.

Back in December, Anil Kapoor said he’d be in sixteen episodes of 24 (after originally only being contracted for ten). Well it looks like the producers really do love him, as he’s flying back to Los Angeles to film even more episodes soon.

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This news comes shortly after learning that Jennifer Westfeldt (Meredith Reed) would be returning to ’24’ soon. Hmm, I sense a connection here.


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it would be cool if he was a villain he’d make an awesome one to boot. Can’t wait for tonight:D

Love this character and was encouraged by his short rant in the last episode (Feb 15?). Hope the writers let him go absolutely ape the way Ben Kingsley did as the villain Don Logan in the movie “Sexy Beast.”

Then it could turn out that he is the actual Holder of the Nuclear Rods.