TV Guide scans from 24 series finale

Thanks to BennyBlog for the scan.

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Looks like Cole Ortiz is in Jim Ricker’s apartment with a shotgun – and camera operator Guy Skinner is wearing protective gear which probably means the scene is about to get messy/bloody. It also says that Jack Bauer gets shot. Since Kiefer appears to be standing in the same room as Mary Lynn Rajskub was in the FOX promo pics we can assume that Chloe shot him.


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Wow Chloe shooting Jack would be huge!!!

Gee, that’s exactly what I wrote to you on Twitter. Yesterday.

How can they say CHLOE is in JIM’S apartment and she probably shoots JACK? YES, COLE is definitely in JIM’S apartment with a shotgun pointed at someone BUT all that LIGHT and that room in the shot with CHLOE do NOT look like JIM’S Apartment.

Does anyone remember the PHOTOS released on SPOILERS from supposively the ‘last’ day of shooting of 24 that showed an AMBULANCE crashed an on it side, I believe a CTU vehicle crashed also with JACK getting up off the ground with a wound to his left side and his only shirt torn, AND 4 HOODED, dressed in Black, possibly a SPECIAL OPS TEAM kidnapping him and putting him into a VAN WITH AMERICA PUTTING THEIR FINGERS IN THE PIE AGAIN TO STOP JACK? WHY all these photos from episodes 23 and 24 and NONE from 22 with just 2 short clips to keep us hanging on. It will be interesting to see how they tie all these PHOTOS together.

PLEASE understand, I am NOT interested in viewing PHOTOS where they are celebrating the end of 24. I am NOT in the mood to celebrate but to mourn. We have just lost the best TV program ever. If it wasn’t for FOOTBALL, my TV sets would go up for sale. ALSO I need them to watch ALL 8 Seasons and the REDEMPTION DVD. They say cats have 9 lives. I wish 24 did!

rly twin, ur one of the most annoying persons on the world with your PHOTOS and FOOTBALL in caps.

Weiss or Pillar?? The one next to Logan

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