24 Series Finale Set Pictures of Kiefer Sutherland

Here are pictures from todays filming on the 24 series finale (the crews last day filming on-location). They are pretty spoilerish (who knows, there’s a chance the shots at the bottom may even be the series final scene), so cover your eyes if you don’t wanna see.

From Splash News

It appears from these shots that an extremely wounded Jack Bauer is crawling out of the wreckage of an overturned ambulance when he is grabbed by four men in gas masks who throw a bag over his head and whisk him away.


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Omg, are we seeing a season 5 finale again? I bet it’s still going to be good.

Im so sad…

are we really seeing Jack being kidnapped there?

Damn, Jack Bauer got FUCKED UP. Whoever those guys are they mean business. And I agree ronn its sort of like the season 5 finale with the Chinese captured him. I’d cry if that was how they left us with Jack being kidnapped.

if that indeed is jack being kidnapped, then i think i have something that came from my mind…

i read somewhere about some casting details on IMDB (although we don’t trust it that muc), listing Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond from LOST) to appear in this season. He played Theo Stoller, a german agent from season 5 right. Jack and Theo got a deal for the WET list, where Jack must give it in exchange for Collette Stenger, who’s got some sort of contact with Vladimir Bierko.

And hearing those news about the 24 movie being set in Europe, that could make some sense…

Haha i know i maybe just overthinking.

I don’t think this is the last scene..although the scene at the end of season 5 was freaking awesome, the writers can’t do this because this is the last season, right?
I mean, WTF is going on with Bauer now?
The only thing i can think of is that maybe the guys from Alan Wilson take Bauer now..

There’s …BLOOD. Uh oh, I wonder what happens to JB now? Angry with myself for saying it since it’s the last season, I. Can’t. Wait.

Is it Aaron’s body on these pictures ?

I do not like this ending if those last two pictures are the final scene. It doesn’t make any sense! Yes, a film is coming out in the next 18 months to two years, but the show on the telly is over! At least give Jack a good ending for once, he’s had a bad one every season! Season one Terri died in his arms. Season two he has several heart attacks. Season three he was a full blown junkie, and almost died several times. Season four he had to fake his own death. Season five, the Chinese finally caught up with him. Season six he had to let Audrey go and was at a crossroads. Last season he was about to die before having the transplant. For goodness sake Howard Gordon, end it on a happy note! Let him be with Renee, and have the two of them move to LA to be with Kim, his son in law and Terri! That’s of course after Renee saves him from whoever is trying to kidnap him!

I hope 24 doesn’t with Jack being kidnapped!

I agree …. I dont’ think a Happy Hollywood ending is appropriate for Jack ………… but this Season 8 has already lifted too many EXACT plot devices from earlier episodes ………… ending the whole series with a copy of the Season 5 kidnapping of Jack would be pretty weak and cheesy.

Of course like you said above, this might be the “teaser” to get people to go see the movie ……. but that’s a pretty long stretch on the part of the producers.

maybe some of the people in the government(on the side of jack ofcourse) kidnap him…
and they will tell the people that jack bauer is dead..

but im hoping that an jack-audrey romance will be back again in the end…

I am all for a JACK and AUBREY romance since RENEE has been written out. QUESTION: Have you notice that once an EPISODE is seen it has been available to rewatch in full for a period of 5 weeks? HOWEVER, now that we are in the finale weeks they are making these EPISODE available until different weeks in NOVEMBER. WOW, 6 months of viewing the last weeks thru NOVEMBER and into maybe the first week of DECEMBER depending on how they group EPISODES 23 and 23. Will they make an announcement that due to pressure from the fans WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES, there will be a SEASON 9. Will it be a MERRY CHRISTMAS?

Hmm…..is is entirely possible that the men in gas masks are CTU agents arriving to SAVE Jack (once the truth is in the open of course)?

The reason I say this is because in those pics we see at least one armed guy on the gound dead near the SUV. If you look carefully you’ll see the orange lettering from the New York CTU on the back of his jacket. Jack having been rogue the past few hours might be lacking proper equipment to deal with gas grenades and smoke. As a result the better equipped agents could have been trying to improvise and tossed a shirt or something else over his head to give him some kind of protection.

The only thing that potentially throws this theroy out of the window is the final pic in the bottom right corner. The angle makes it hard to tell if the guy with the gun is aiming at Jack or something else down the street :-/

As another note there are medical supplies on the ground near Jack. Taking another look it looks like he’s crawling out of the back of an ambulance. We already know from the TV Guide spoilers that he gets shot in the final two hours. It’s possible that he was being treated/transported and the Russians tried to take him out one last time resulting in CTU’s SWAT jumping in and doing what they can to protect him.

There have been cases in TV shows, movies and even real life where a VIP has had something tossed over their head by their bodyguards to potentially safeguard who they are from onlookers. Perhaps it could also be to help prevent someone from going “Bauer is now being transported by NYPD.” With all their cars looking the same if they can’t get a positive ID then it becomes harder to target him or pick him out from a hundred other NYPD cars ^_~

WHO HAS JACK in the picture in the right hand lower corner?? The dead guy on the ground looks like one of the CTU men who were under PILLAR’S command when they were trying to rescue LOGAN. We know that JACK was knifed in the side (about where the tear is in his shirt) by one of the RUSSIAN elevator guards in EPISODE 22. IF CHLOE or someone else was forced to shoot him, perhaps that would explain the shoulder wound. It is apparent that JACK was in the AMBULANCE and it was being pursued by the black vehicle that was damaged. I like the idea that the guys in black standing up in the photo are good guys, trying to protect JACK and could have put something over his head to protect him from the GAS. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK but sad this is the final EPISODES. I WANT MORE 24!

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