Kiefer Sutherland on Jonathan Ross video interview

Long Kiefer Sutherland video interview on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross April 15th 2010. Thanks niamhdublin.

YouTube Link: Kiefer Sutherland on Jonathan Ross 2010 Pt 1

YouTube Link: Kiefer Sutherland on Jonathan Ross 2010 pt2


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[..YouTube..] I just love this guy

[..YouTube..] thank you so much for posting this ive been going mental all night trying to watch it somewhere else. Thanks a lot!!!

[..YouTube..] Thanks so much for posting: Kiefer is always charming and smart

[..YouTube..] Thanks so much for posting: Kiefer is always charming and smart

[..YouTube..] @piazzignolo You’re very welcome, hope you enjoyed it :)

[..YouTube..] ‘and what’s that 3 month like, when you were in jail?’
‘oh, it was awesome!’
lmao! thx for the uploads…

[..YouTube..] As a firearms expert I still don’t trust Kiefer in the ways he handles a gun. He still flinches and does not have proper trigger discipline. He may have fired more guns than me but cannot do common things like flipping up a MP7A1 iron sights. As a representative of a website that identifies guns used in movies (imfdb,org) he should get recommended by one of Michael Mann’s SAS friends.

[..YouTube..] He is so hansome and seems like a really nice genuine smart guy and he doesnt seem to get old at all :)

[..YouTube..] the host really shouldn’t interrupt when his guest is saying whatever he’s saying… -_-

so rude

[..YouTube..] thank you SO much for posting Niamh! Kiefer rocks

[..YouTube..] Thanks so much for posting: Kiefer is always charming and smart

[..YouTube..] Is Kiefer also stranded in London?

[..YouTube..] love kiefer ;) reason they held guns to the side is because in gangs when people made guns they some time blew up, it is safer to hold it side on far away from you

[..YouTube..] One thing that stood out for me in this interview from other interviews with Kiefer is that the interviewer actually seems like a fan of 24

[..YouTube..] Kiefer is amazing!

[..YouTube..] This guy is just getting more and more handsome as the years go by :)

[..YouTube..] love him <33

[..YouTube..] I need a glass of water!!! Its not Funny!!! lol fucking funny moment – great guy

[..YouTube..] Kiefer is always so charming and funny and honest, makes him a great guy. Sexy too!!!

[..YouTube..] @piazzignolo

me too!! thanks for posting this you’re an angel.

[..YouTube..] love Kiefer his so down to earth what a nice guy!!!!

[..YouTube..] 5* nice one LOL and did u hear what happened to kiefer after the show ???? got propper pissed up and had a row with a bouncer in a strip club and ended up topless was in the Sun last sat Fantastic Actor

[..YouTube..] when hes not drunk

[..YouTube..] This guy is the best actor, i got all of the seasons of 24, and i will buy the movie tooooo, FO SHO

[..YouTube..] come on! jonathan ross is amazing…the funniest talkshow host ever!BBC,what are you doing, losing the one thing that makes you worth watching.You guys will live to regret this,his future is destined to be huge…what a comic talent!you missed out on the big picture..shame!!!!!!!mr.ross…do what comes naturalxxxxxxxxxxxx

[..YouTube..] Don’t lose jonathan,it will be a huge switch off…give him a bigger show…niall ,london,one of the believers in j.ross,(my only reason to watch BBC),graham(ham)norton..shame on you…no comparison in any respect…come on,see sense…

[..YouTube..] @aerokpc shut up douchbag

[..YouTube..] Love how sincere Kiefer is…great interview.

[..YouTube..] Class act

[..YouTube..] I’ve been wanting to DO him since The Lost Boys…… :)

[..YouTube..] He’s sooo fucking sexy i <3 him

[..YouTube..] I just love this fella, Kiefer that is, soooo yummy

[..YouTube..] thank you ;)

[..YouTube..] thank you ;)

[..YouTube..] “IT’S NOT FUNNY!” lol

[..YouTube..] he’s so bored talking to ross the leper.

[..YouTube..] I am already in a hospital for 24 withdrawl….and its only been a week or so….HELP! When exactly is the movie coming out? 2011???12??

[..YouTube..] how honest and articulate…Great interview !

[..YouTube..] His voice ;) It has to be the sexiest voice ever.

[..YouTube..] sounds so weird when hes not screaming lol

[..YouTube..] @level2statedept IMDB says 2012, I cant wait either.

[..YouTube..] sexy voice!!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland really in my very own honest estimation really definitely should have been the ultimate number one choice in playing the role of James Bond In Casino Royale absolutely marvelous casting if of course Kiefer had been wildly considered properly I simply can just literally visualise that Kiefer would of been simply amazing Daniel Craig never has fully impressed me with his version of OO7 if anything Craig purely sucks and is making the franchise into something real lame and crap.

[..YouTube..] Its pretty neat how Kiefer is professional and himself at the same time.
Great actor.

[..YouTube..] This isn’t the Jack Bauer i know.. he’s laughing and joking.

[..YouTube..] i actually watched the next week’s episode of that episode… man if id known jack bauer was on the week before!

[..YouTube..] i actually watched the next week’s episode of that episode… man if id known jack bauer was on the week before!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer is so sweet and sexy!

[..YouTube..] he’s canadian!!

[..YouTube..] @level2statedept 2011

[..YouTube..] Can I hug him? I just wanna hug him. Adorable.

[..YouTube..] aww i love what he says about his last moment on the set of 24

[..YouTube..] Kiefer, come back to my TV screen soon!! please? You’re great. xx

[..YouTube..] Ive Found My Lost Boy ;) x

[..YouTube..] I wonder if his daughter’s name is Kim

[..YouTube..] is this from 2010 or 2006?

[..YouTube..] one of the coolest guys on earth

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos 2010 of course btw who is he

[..YouTube..] IT’S NOT FUNNY!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer has the best yell in the world!! Seriously, he does it so well!!!

[..YouTube..] “stupid thing to do” hahahaha

[..YouTube..] @Gibson889 It’s not kim its Sarah…

[..YouTube..] @B24ASSASSINUK

[..YouTube..] He’s a grandpa…just like his alter-ego :D

[..YouTube..] i love kiefer so very much

[..YouTube..] this guy is a legend, 24 was my all time favourite show along with the wire.

[..YouTube..] Thank you for Donald cuz then this beautiful shit wouldn’t of happened…

[..YouTube..] i dig the hersheys bar chocolate couch,, the bubbles… hum.. they would distract me if i was kiefer.. lol

[..YouTube..] his honesty and lack of hipocrisy about the mistakes he had committed is a breath of fresh air coming from a famous hollywood actor.

[..YouTube..] I love that smile – it lights up his whole face. He could lasso me anytime!

[..YouTube..] I like the way J R laughs at 03:00…a really genuine laugh…:)

[..YouTube..] what a relief knowing that the 24 feature film is on the way. i was worried that “thank you chloe..” would be the last words ever spoken on 24. great job howard & kiefer on the spectacular phenomenon known as 24!

[..YouTube..] Pour les francophones traduction sur mon blog

[..YouTube..] we’ve already spoke about this teri…youre supposed to call me grandpa…but you dont look like a grandpa…i couldnt agree more…

i love that^ scene when jacks with his grand daughter :)

[..YouTube..] gay danceing at 0;01

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer plays Kiefer Sutherland.

[..YouTube..] woah people hes a grandfather

[..YouTube..] if you like jack bauer like the facebook page: Jack Bauer is a God

[..YouTube..] ITS NOT FUNNY!! x