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Kiefer Sutherland 24 series finale video interview

• On a real sense of accomplishment completing 24
• On saying goodbye to the 24 crew after 9 years
• On having the right people to make a great show
• On leaving 24 in good quality and saying goodbye
• On saying thank you to all the 24 fans for being loyal
• On an emotional ending for Jack and Chloe

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[..YouTube..] i hate this
why did they finish this great tv show
im gonna miss 24 for ever

[..YouTube..] sad…..

[..YouTube..] love kiefer :D but its sad sure

[..YouTube..] love JACK :D

[..YouTube..] His net worth is around 66 MILLION DOLLARS, I hardly think he’s gonna miss 24. He can afford to pick and choose his next projects.

[..YouTube..] please don’t leave us jack …………. 24 is the best show in the universe

[..YouTube..] 1:25 oh the tear! so sad indeed :(

[..YouTube..] 0:39 opporchunity? wow, he miss pronounced opportunity

[..YouTube..] 2:39 opporchunity? wow, he miss pronounced opportunity

[..YouTube..] 2:37 actually

so sad :(

[..YouTube..] Good Bye Jack…

I really look forward to the Jack & Chloe scene. Next Monday I will certainly cry.

[..YouTube..] Yeeeesss, love you, Jack! I HOPE You`ll be back!!

[..YouTube..] Opporchunity is the corrent way to pronounce it, it’s the stupid Americans that say it wrong. (Stoopid?)

[..YouTube..] good bye sir jack bauer
will miss the show a lot
hope to see you on the big screen

[..YouTube..] jack bauer comes back

[..YouTube..] I love you Jack I will always will!!!!! I’ll miss you, can’t wait for the movie!!!! Thank you everybody on 24 for those 9 UNBELIEVABLE AMAZING years!!!

[..YouTube..] @TraceguyRune Em, yeah, he said it right. I think it’s the Americans that don’t pronounce the word correctly.

[..YouTube..] @randomhero2424242424 Why don’t you post your ignorant comments somewhere else!

[..YouTube..] This sure sucks that 24 is Over JACK BAUER OWNS

[..YouTube..] hey just wondering when will the 24 movie come out

[..YouTube..] @randomhero2424242424 – Look at this guy… on the American invented Internet, using an American produced Operating System, that’s being processed on an American designed CPU, so he can log onto an American web site to comment a thread related to an American television show , talking about how stupid Americans are because they pronounce a word differently. Is that ironic or what?? How about you offer something useful to the world.

[..YouTube..] ok fag randomhero242424 then why don’t you just go back to what ever 3rd world country your from and go suck your own dick.

[..YouTube..] The series finale was outstanding!

[..YouTube..] incredible finale. i saw it on 200 inches with my projector. glad they didnt stick kim in it, glad the president grew some morality, and SUPER GLAD logan blew his head off. best line of the series in 8 years?? came a few weeks ago…….”tick tock mr. bauer, your running out of time.”

[..YouTube..] @ah0770 dont worry I heard their gonna make a movie

[..YouTube..] Speaking of sadness, I could feel the tears in my eyes during Jack’s final conversation with Chloe. Amazing end to an amazing series!

[..YouTube..] @MetalSmasherGaming I was crying the last two minutes of the show. How sad but how appropriate.

[..YouTube..] NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ME RESISTO A CREER QUE LA SERIE SE ACABAAA! snif!… 24 la mejor producción de todos los tiempos. Saludos desde Colombia

[..YouTube..] Tonight was the end of an era. What an ending! Thank you Kiefer Sutherland and the rest of the crew behind 24. You have given us a wonderful gift and it is a shame that we cannot carry on with this gift. I guess all good things must come to an end.

[..YouTube..] This show and this season really outdone themselves! Awesome!

Charles Marshall
May 24, 2010 at 10:05 pm
I am going to miss 24

[..YouTube..] Kiefer found the very right words now that this outstanding TV show has finally come to and end. 24 is a ground breaking if not historic TV serial which is unprecedented and which will be very hard to come close to. With the ending of this show my interest in TV serials will also end.

[..YouTube..] kiefer rocks! Love the show!!

[..YouTube..] Gonne mis you Jack

[..YouTube..] I loved the ending

[..YouTube..] Loved the show. Loved this interview- note the “bloody” hands on Kiefer throughout this video- LOOOL- shades of Jack. GREAT ending did not disappoint!

[..YouTube..] Looking forward to the movie Kiefer.

[..YouTube..] Thank You Kiefer Sutherland and everyone at 24! Its been a great 8 seasons. I will miss 24!

[..YouTube..] I have nothing more to live for……

[..YouTube..] Cheers to Kiefer and the great production crew for given us a unforgettable series.

[..YouTube..] 24 has to be the greatest show i have ever seen, too bad it had to end….we will miss you Jack Bauer,thank you Keifer for bringing him to life

[..YouTube..] I wish I had his voice.

[..YouTube..] I grew up watching this show with my family. I’m really going to miss it.

[..YouTube..] ending was great! SPOILER ALERT!

I love the line that the president says to jack. ‘ I should have listend to you’. I say that line to my friend all the time. If they just listen 2 jack. Everything will be done in 1 hour!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer is over 9000!!!!!

[..YouTube..] O M G i love this show, am really going to miss it.

[..YouTube..] Always listen to Jack and all will be fine. Going to miss this show a lot, grew up watching it, now looking forward to the movie!

[..YouTube..] i love 24 movie not to mention JACK I LOVE HIM so much will you ever bring 24 back faith fan

[..YouTube..] this is the end of an era :(

[..YouTube..] Aw I want Season 9 T___T, This Is the BEst Show I would donate 10000000 to make another season!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] season 8 ending was the best and saddest ending ever… =[

[..YouTube..] I didn’t believe that tears came out of my eyes when Jack was talking to Chloe O’brian … I can’t believe that 24 has ended … my friends and I loved that show and we used to talk about it all the time…Kiefer Sutherland you really left an impression in me and I salute you i will never forget you nor Jack Bauer…thank you and the entire crew for showing us the best show ever…you will ALL be missed \m/

[..YouTube..] Best World Series. Jack Bauer (Kieffer Sutherland) is the best..
Too bad it already ended

[..YouTube..] I absolutely love Kiefer Sutherland! I will miss 24 and Jack Bauer. I am very upset that the show is over:(

[..YouTube..] your welcome Kiefer…. thankyou for sharing your great talent with the world and thank you to the whole crew of 24 for giving us some of the greatest stories ever presented…. season 8 was awesome!…

with love, Art.

[..YouTube..] how could they end 1 of the only good shows on tv

[..YouTube..] does anyone know what happened to his hand at 0:28?

[..YouTube..] @salil646 it’s from the season finale. his must have finished shooting and took the interview

[..YouTube..] FUCK why did it have to end noooo. I loved 24 was the best show on t.v and was such an action packed movie that stayed realistic. FUCK, BROTHER JACK YOU BETTER MAKE US A MOVIE TO END IT PROPERLY.

[..YouTube..] What will I do now without my Jack Bauer Power Hour?????? I came along in season 5, which was freaking amazing, and I was hooked…..No other movie or tv show has ever captured my attention as much as 24….I cant tell you how many times this show made my jaw drop, got my heart thumping, and literally had me on the edge of my seat……At least I can go back and watch the first 4 seasons now……

[..YouTube..] can’t wait for the movie :D

[..YouTube..] @salil646 Renee Walker’s blood

[..YouTube..] @MasterSoap96 yeah i know but whats better then a whole new season with a new threat .. i hope they change there mind and do the 9 season befor kifer dies >> #LOL

[..YouTube..] the ending was no victory, come on jack, make it through, GET A HAPPY ENDING FOR ONE!!!!

[..YouTube..] @amitnayna01 Amen to that shit.

[..YouTube..] @ah0770 Kiefer isn’t like the rest of us. He doesn’t die, he goes dark.

[..YouTube..] @runback22 The first season will blow your mind.

[..YouTube..] I have to say that im so sad that this is the final season of 24. i have watched this show from day one and to see this final show to a great 8 season im touched to see this show end. The ending alone only shows the feelings that im sure alot of other people felt to the deep feeling of sadness. i wish there could be just one more season. im sorry there wont be and truly sad.

[..YouTube..] @TokimotoAkira1980 #LOL he shore does

[..YouTube..] That was simply the best season finale I’ve ever seen. It was definitely a triumph. Writing like that doesn’t happen in Hollywood much, so I’m very thankful for the first-class entertainment that this show gave me throughout the years. I can’t wait for the movie, I wish I could see how things turn out right now!! It was an amazing way of evolving the characters, showing their opposite dark sides, and then the ending just blows you away… anyway, no spoilers here. Thanks Fox for a great show.

[..YouTube..] Did Charles Logan survive? Hope so, because I’d still like to kick his AZZZZZZ. hehehe :O

[..YouTube..] shut it down…

[..YouTube..] thank you Kiefer, for being the best tv character in history of TV. just saw finale of series, absolutely amazing ending. gonna miss 24, my favourite tv show ever.

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer.

[..YouTube..] @salil646 in the tv show he had that

[..YouTube..] I am not going to know what to do with my mondays in January after football season is over. This is truly the greatest show ever. Thank you Kiefer, thank you cast and crew of 24. going dark….

[..YouTube..] It’s a one hell of the show. period!!

[..YouTube..] I cried at the end. I loved LOST, but 24 was in a class by itself and should have gotten MUCH more attention than it did. I’m going to miss “Jack” so much. Thank you, Keifer and crew, for being so fucking phenomenal.

P.S. Make a movie! 0.~

[..YouTube..] I balled like a baby watching the end.
God, I am gonna miss Jack Bauer.
Have seen all ep. of 24.

It’s the end of an era.

[..YouTube..] 24 was the show it kept me waiting for a week just 2 have the same feelin for another week. I am so very sad but it was time to move on and i think i speak for all of the fans when i say it was time even though id love a 9th season i understand. Lookin foward to that movie. Thank you Kiefer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer for the best 8 years of my life

[..YouTube..] I’ll gladly pay to watch the movie if it ever comes along. Amazing show.

[..YouTube..] love u.

[..YouTube..] LMAO he still has the fake blood on his hands.

[..YouTube..] we’ll miss u ….

[..YouTube..] @kikomiko1 its not fake its from when jack was interrogating chuck norris

[..YouTube..] I was in tears !!! Thanks Kiefer !!! and all the cast and crew !

[..YouTube..] @InuGrrrl i know why does lost get the spotlight after only 5 seasons, yet 24 runs for 8 and got much less attention

[..YouTube..] i used to watch 24 with my brother, … :( the only show we watched together! What shall I watch with him now?
I cannot imagine that they will come up with any good show in the next month …
24 is epic! I am so sad it ended

[..YouTube..] Why do all good things come to an end? :'(, but still 24 was/ still is one of the best show ever made and im glad i could be apart of it. Nearly cried at the end of the last episode, but i heard a rumor that they will bemaking a feature film of 24 to really end 24…..hope it’s true, still ”hanging on a cliff” ye know

[..YouTube..] Thank you for one of the best series ever.
I’m very sad about the end of twenty four…

[..YouTube..] thank you jack!

[..YouTube..] 24 took all my heart:) it is the real great page of all the tv-shows history. Love from Russia. And thank a lot for all the creators of this show that they left Jack alive. I was like a child to ask about it wathing last parts:) “please,please,please don’t kill him!” jack Bauer is a great real untypical super-hero. We love you, Jack and we we love you , Kiefer!

[..YouTube..] i must admit…jack bauer cuaght me by the bits…i couldnt last a week wthout seeing jack do his thing…u guys on the 24 crew r so creative, n i give u a big thumbs up for that.i can’t watch any other thriller or action movie comfortably coz the story lines r pretty mch oredictable..with jack u cn never know what’s up his sleave…u guys did a great job…WELL DONE…WE GONNA MISS U N CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!…2011 is too far to wait…

[..YouTube..] Kiefer i love you and i hope that Jack Bauer will go soon to the movie! we, the southamericans fans hope it :) i love you eternal jack bauer!

[..YouTube..] best show ever

[..YouTube..] not only is kiefer a great actor but a class act good luck in the future Kiefer

[..YouTube..] we all hope that they’ll still reconsider…bring back 24 again…it’s worth waiting and worth watching! sad it really ended, but am still hping they’ll bring it back again!

[..YouTube..] it was such a satisfying ending, i mean endings can go so wrong (lost) but jack kept everything that made him – him!
Its also a good set-up for the film – going on the run and it also helps set up the stage for global settings. im glad he went out fighting.

[..YouTube..] All I can say about that ending is LONG LIVE JACK BAUER!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] love the blood stained hand

[..YouTube..] I loved the ending when Jack was thanking Chloe I started to tear up.24 was and always be my show.I went back and downloaded and burned seasons 1 thru 6.I’m glad their going to go to making movies can’t wait.

[..YouTube..] @DuranFan68 the same happened to me .. its good to have loyal and good friends in this short life go chloe .. we in the middle east love u ………..WOW

[..YouTube..] Ur welcome Kiefer. And thanks again for being part of the greatest television series of all time.

[..YouTube..] what a lovely guy.

[..YouTube..] Greatest show ever.. its sad that its over,, ive seen every single Episode,, at least twice, minus season 8,… i know all good things come to an end, and after a Season like season 7,, it would be hard to keep up the intensity, cause season 7 was amazing,, curveball after curveball,,, i was in suspense the whole time… kiefer,,, we should be thanking you for entertaining us for 9 years .. jack bauer will forever be the Ultimate American, even tho youre canadien, lol… but thanks again

[..YouTube..] Your the best Kiefer.

[..YouTube..] @Gears2warzone ehhh WRONG! ‘Lost’ had an AWESOME ending.

[..YouTube..] @MultipleScrotum Nah it was a pathetic way to round off an over the top “Lost the Plot” show that should have ended after season 3.

[..YouTube..] @Gears2warzone You are way off. It was the absolute PERFECT closer to a show that lasted as long as it should have, if not longer. Everything that needed to be answered was.

[..YouTube..] @MultipleScrotum ok i agree the finale answered all the questions but my point is, the appealing thing about lost that everyone was initially interested in, was the reality of it (being stranded trying to survive) but then it slipped into a kind of sci fi supernatural plot which just undermined the idea. im a massive fan of lost but it faded towards the end. 24 could have lasted at least another season but they wanted to end it before they got over the top. but i see what youre saying

[..YouTube..] omg i love that he still has the fake blood on his hand! @0:29

[..YouTube..] @Gears2warzone Fare enough. Good deal.

[..YouTube..] i am going to miss 24. i loved the show i never missed and episode and i love how jack was always so smart and ahead of everyone. The ending was awsome but every seconded i am like dont end caue ill miss the show mostly jack. I loved the ending but i still wish there would be a season 9. oh well thanks to all the acters and people that where involed. i know there want be a season 9 but i hope there is a movie 24 where jack has to keep his daughter and cloie safe it would be a good way to end 24

[..YouTube..] loved 24 was the best series ever i never missed a episode but i am going to miss it but it was an awsome ending still i wish there was going to be a season 9 but anyway love all the seasons. awsome job on 24 series all of them loved how jack was one step of everyone even when he mad mistakes he found a way to save his own life i think 24 best series of all time it will be very hard to beat this series. well done on series 24 all of them to any one that help make 24 thank you

[..YouTube..] I would love to work with him one day, hes my fave actor!!!!

[..YouTube..] i just watched the final 2 episodes of 24, a kick-ass last scene, and after 8 seasons of this epic phenomenon, i seriously cannot believe its over, thanks Kiefer for being one of the best tv characters ever, Jack Bauer has possibly become one of the legends on tv, goodbye 24, really really will miss y’all !


Please Jack!! Please!! Don’t leave!!!!

[..YouTube..] jack bauer will always be my herot

[..YouTube..] Easily the best show on television

[..YouTube..] 24 defined EPIC for every single season it was on tv, i loved the show and even though sometimes the writers pissed me off by killing some really good characters I’m so glad i stuck with it to the end and i can’t wait to see what they do with the movie!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer = Rambo + Gandhi (not seeking credit) :D

[..YouTube..] When he thanked the fans I wanted to say thanks back. For once a show deserved the praise it got and it being over is still hard for me to swallow.

Thank you Kiefer for showing me that TV doesn’t always suck

[..YouTube..] one big THANK YOU for Kiefer Sutherland and everyone how works on 24. i really love this great series. THANK YOU!!!

[..YouTube..] i think there gonna continue with movies…(maybe)
Hope they continue with season 9 it certainly left room for it.

[..YouTube..] To be honest, I don’t have that feeling “Oh my God, 24 is over, nooo!!” because I know there is going to be a 24 movie, maybe more. But of course, it’s sad that the tv-show is over :D I’m a huge fan.

[..YouTube..] wats wrong with hes hands?? anyways.. I LOVE 24 !! TO BAD ITS OVER NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO=(

[..YouTube..] I just loved that show. I want to sat thank you to Kiefer Sutherland for playing Jack Bauer in 8 seasons of 24. I have ever seen an actor play a charater so good before, and i have seen many movies before. Thank you so much Kiefer. I love you with All my heart. Jack Bauer Will allways be my hero. It’s amazing what happend in Jack Bauer’s life over the past 8 years. Thank you agian Kiefer. I cann’t thank you enough. Kiefer you are ny favorit actor, your’re so beutiful.

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland is the best actor ever !!!
24 Great serial !!!

[..YouTube..] Masterpiece! It’s unfortunate the series has to end awesome job everyone!

[..YouTube..] Still watching the seeason 8 here in Kuwait, been fan of Jack Bauer and Cloe.. Im gonna miss this series for sure. 24 was one of the great series i ever love. Thank you Keifer/ Jack

[..YouTube..] Thanks for 8 great seasons 24,you were the best tv series EVER! Roll on the movie!

[..YouTube..] Why’s his hand so bloody, was this filmes straight after the final scene?

[..YouTube..] ive seen every episode of 24 more than once,, i started it during season one, but got side tracked by the SHIELD,,, while i was layed off last year, i said what the hell, ill start watchin 24,,,,, over the course of two weeks, i watched all seven seasons on DVD,,,, and this year, i watched every week,,, my favorite show of all time…

[..YouTube..] @loopmakerify No, he just killed the executive director.

[..YouTube..] RIP 24. There will never be another show like this. Often imitated, never duplicated.

We love you Kiefer. Hope you keep acting till you’re dead

[..YouTube..] Let;s hope that Kiefer will start another show like the best was and best will be *24*.
and Kiefer yes U will stay forever the best>

[..YouTube..] @AlphaBravoD i was sobbing.. i have all of the seasons and i just keep watching themm.. i am going to miss this show so much.. :”(

[..YouTube..] I’m going to miss him so much.

[..YouTube..] I’m so going to miss 24. I’ve been a fan of Kiefer’s work for a very long time and 24 was such an awesome show!! I never missed an ep!

[..YouTube..] god!!! just saw the series finale… good episode, great season… the best television series, i’m gonna miss it a lot…. let’s give up for 24!!!

[..YouTube..] @luchoxp I HAVE JUST WATCHED IT TOO. I bet you’re from south america, arent you? xD Man, that ending got me to tears, it was so awesome. I know there is people that didn’t like it, but i think it was great. Im gonna miss Jack, though there’s a movie coming, but i dont think its gonna be as good as the show was. There’s not and there wont be any show like this. 24 FTW, Jack FTW, Charles Logan FTW, NIna Myers FTW, David Palmer FTW, all 24 characters FTW!!!

[..YouTube..] did kiefer sutherland die or is he still alive

[..YouTube..] @kaisamsa Yes man! Bolivia!!! and i totally agree with you about the movie… let’s hope they go the extra mile and get some great writters, and to all of you watching the video go into my channel and check it out… big, huge!!! 24 fan xD

[..YouTube..] @luchoxp I’m from Peru. We’re goddamn neighbors :). GO 24

[..YouTube..] i still remember when the first episode of the season 1 was aired :)

[..YouTube..] Jack, you still have blood on your hands.

[..YouTube..] @OSH313 Oh he’s still alive, and they’re actually shooting the 24 Movie right now.

[..YouTube..] Omg… he is wearing the same jacket which he is wearing in episodes 22 and 23 while being a fugitive on run for a revenge… “Mr. Kifer Sutherland if u ever come across this message then please take our request… please don’t end 24 series ..please continue.. we love that show” and u ROCK \w/

[..YouTube..] @kaisamsa FTW for sure
Top Ten
1.Jack Bauer
2.Tony Almeida
3.Michelle Desseler
4.Chloe O’Brian
5.Edgar Stiles
6.Kim Bauer
7.David Palmer
8.Nina Myers
9.Bill Buchanan
10.The Rest of The Cast

[..YouTube..] will really miss Jack Bauer….

[..YouTube..] The best actor, the best character, the best TV show! Simple as that!

[..YouTube..] omg does jack still has BLOOD on his hands … lol
really funny

[..YouTube..] i’m one of the biggest fan of 24 series, jack bauer is the best character i’ve never seen, 8 saisons of pure pleasure and it would be very disappointing if it’s finished, in my opinion as long as bauer is alive there’s no end for the show !!!


[..YouTube..] We will miss you Jack Bauer. We all know you will be out there somewhere saving the world even though they don’t catch in on tape. ;)
Good luck to you, the most epic man that ever walked the face of the earth.

[..YouTube..] God, i’m gonna miss the show sow badly!

[..YouTube..] God, i’m gonna miss the show so badly!

[..YouTube..] I miss Kiefer and Mary Lynn on the screen so bad. Come back! please… :(

[..YouTube..] i never got in to 24 because it started around the same time as the SHIELD.. and i got hooked on that, but last year,, i was layed off and said,,, fuck it,, ill watch the first season of twenty four…. and the rest is history,,, i watched the whole first seven seasons,, i was hooked….. absoloutely an amazing show, Season 7 was SOOO good, and season 8 just didnt bring it like 7 did… so i guess it was time to put her to bed… cant wait for the movie

[..YouTube..] Lol my dad cried at the ending of season 8. heh i didn’t cry but i’m still sad that its over. But HEY!!!. Their making a movie, woot woot. Maybe they can still squeeze in that reuniting with tony again.

[..YouTube..] 24 is most likely the greatest show ever. The writers, actors and entire crew did an excellent job on every episode of every season. And I don’t think they could’ve chosen a better actor than Keifer Sutherland to fill the role of Jack. Great job!!!!

I’m just like ironsean7. Ever since cable, I rarely watch regular TV. I have never watched one episode of 24, but heard so many people talk about it. And, I’ve always enjoyed Kiefer’s work. So, what happens? I get Netflix and wanted to watch a movie, or something I have never seen and my son and I saw 24 and said, hey, you want to give it a try? Well, I was hooked after the the 1st episode and watched all 7 seasons within a month. Best show ever. I have never been entertained by a show as much as 24. I’m thinking to myself, ‘where have I been these last 10 years!” I am so looking forward to the Movie. The good thing about Kiefer is, we will always think of him as Jack Bauer when we read about him or see him, but, he so versitile,that any other project that comes his way, he’ll nail that character. Funny thing is, when you see him in other movies, you can see bits and pieces of Jack Bauer…No one could have played the part of Jack better than Kiefer Sutherland.

[..YouTube..] greatest show ever!!!

[..YouTube..] It feels so wierd knowing its not comming back this year, dosent it?

[..YouTube..] My mother cried at the end. I held it in and then cried when I walked away from tv. Season 8 was the weakest season in my opinion, but the finale was great and the last 2 minutes of the show were so emotional. 24 is my favorite show and I hate still knowing that it won’t come back. I at least hope that the 24 movie kicks ass. Long live Jack Bauer!!!

[..YouTube..] does he have the blood of terrorists on his hands or what?

[..YouTube..] I had never cried on any TV series than 24 especially watching the end…. there is no othr TV series uptill nw that can ovrtake 24…. 24 for evr!!
Miss 24 a lot!! it’s the best and Father of all series!!

[..YouTube..] Best show evaaarrrrrr!!! I’m late watching it on netflix, but I have almost finished season 2, and omg!!!! I’m addicted!!

[..YouTube..] @WillBNunn I thought season 8 was strong. Season 6 was by far their weakest season No contest!

[..YouTube..] best guy ever & ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

[..YouTube..] 0:38 thats what she said

[..YouTube..] Congrats from Romania for making a really great show. I was never bored watching it and I can say that is one of the best TV Series ever along with The X-Files. Way better than lost which I thought will be the best but can’t say that after I saw the finale and I realized that the writers had no idea to explain a lot of things. 24 had a great plot, a great crew and a great Jack Bauer. Thank you for making my life better for 194 hours (8 seasons x 24 episodes + Redemption Movie)

[..YouTube..] it sucks 24 wont be on anymore. 24 is my favorite show

[..YouTube..] IS IT weird that i saw season 8 got hooked and now watching the past season
im half way through 4

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show ever….looking forward to the movie…

[..YouTube..] i’ve watched all episodes of 24 specially season 1 my favorite lines are “im federal agent jack bauer and today is the longest day of my life” “i’ll call u back aslong as i can” ….when i wacthed season 1 i was so amazed kiefer is a great actor i hope someday i meet him in person….i miss jack and chloe..i want more season….

[..YouTube..] @AlphaBravoD theres gona be a 24 movie :D

[..YouTube..] I think sutherland did a nice job on Call of Duty world at war.Roebuck one of my characters.

[..YouTube..] does jack still has blood on his hands ?!?!?!

[..YouTube..] 24 <3333

[..YouTube..] does anybody know if Kiefer has a twitter or somethin’?

[..YouTube..] looking foward to watch the movie kiefer abi

[..YouTube..] @rviora Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that he had just finished filming another episode or the series. If you looks closely at the episode where he kills Novakovich (ep 22 I think) he gets stabbed in the stomach by one of the guards and he gets blood all over his right hand. Looks pretty similar to the blood strain here.

[..YouTube..] @toecutter1972 Yeah, love Sgt. Roebuck. Sadface he died.

[..YouTube..] i want more seasons of 24!!!!im addicted to it!!!!!

[..YouTube..] 0:26 – What has happened to his hand? I thought they used fake blood/bruises when they made the series! lol

[..YouTube..] i hope there is season 9.
dammit – jack favorite line. lol

[..YouTube..] This is one of the best TV shows that have lasted 8 seasons without any of them being bad!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer cannot be stopped by anyone. Not by terrorists or disease. We also know the writers will never give us a happy ending. So how are they going to kill him off? My guess would be suicide.

[..YouTube..] @nongo not even jack bauer can kill jack bauer

[..YouTube..] It doesn’t get better than 24.

[..YouTube..] @nongo, IF they killed off Jack Bauer they would bring down a forever shit storm on themself.

[..YouTube..] wait a sec…jack bauer laughing?this man has got to be a russian undercover agent…dammit!

[..YouTube..] @nongo I can only see him being shot in the back, handcuffed in the dark in a bag… by chuck norris… then MAYBE

[..YouTube..] bonjour je voudrais cette interview mais en vostfr svp merci

bcp a ceux ou celle qui me passeras cette video en vostfr

merci avance

[..YouTube..] nononononononononono nononononononononono nononononoononnonononononono i love this show WTF no no no no no no no no no

[..YouTube..] there will be no more 24? oh that sucks, i had seasons 1-5 until this thump stole them.


[..YouTube..] To get this mp3 go to ezmp3grab doht cohm.

[..YouTube..] just finished 24 season 8. i wont say anything as there maybe people who havent seen it yet.
i hope they make another film. provide closure to the ending and what happened to all the characters

[..YouTube..] We want to see more 24,pleeeease!
Kiefer you said that you are sad but we are more than you,believe me.
What else can i say?
Just thank all of you for this nine action years

[..YouTube..] Like this if you want them to make a film!!

[..YouTube..] @nikkootoo dammit chloe….

[..YouTube..] The “Bauer” family became the Rothschilds. The president looks like Hillary. Hillary Rodham is a Rothschild. Rothschilds are of Canaanite descent. Ethan Canaan.

Somebody in the writers knows all this. It has been done for some mysterious purpose.

[..YouTube..] @mathieu94180
va voir sur mon blog (le lien est sur ta chaine)

[..YouTube..] Just seen the last part of season 8, so sad it’s over! Kiefer Sutherland is the greatest actor ever! ;) 24\4\life ^^

[..YouTube..] Only Jack Bauer would give an interview with Blood on his hands!

[..YouTube..] Why the one dislike? this show rocked!

[..YouTube..] ooh i love 24 so much. can’t wait to the next season or film

[..YouTube..] @2Dopeeee they already made the movie XD

[..YouTube..] @verlaPS3 Yeah, but it wont be out until 2012 or so xD
Or do you mean Redemption?

[..YouTube..] @2Dopeeee I meant Redemption :D

[..YouTube..] @verlaPS3 ok :D

[..YouTube..] Nina came back from the dead and gave this vid a thumbs down

[..YouTube..] 24 was without doubt!!! the best show ever!!! GOD I WISH THERE WILL BE A SEASON 9!!!! ppppllllllzzzzzzzz just two more seasons!!!

[..YouTube..] 1:28
was he right after a scene with blood?

[..YouTube..] can’t wait for a season 9..if there’s gonna be one!! Jack is the man!

[..YouTube..] @marthasidik There isn’t a new season. Possibly a Film to explain what happened afterwards and wrap it up but no more seasons. 24 is finished.

[..YouTube..] What’s with his hand in 0:28 ?
Awesome serie.
Than you Kiefer Sutherland for playing so AWESOME role as Jack Bauer :)

[..YouTube..] What’s with his hand?
I love jack very much. Pleas coming back

[..YouTube..] @Kirzan66 oh’s a pity isn’t it. I hope the producer change their mind and make season 9 hehehe. ^o^

[..YouTube..] awesome actor!

[..YouTube..] 1 dislike what the hell?

[..YouTube..] i love kiefer and i was so sad when it ended

[..YouTube..] 24 dont want to make a movie because they want to give other movies a chance to win some oscars :P

[..YouTube..] notice when he raises his hand and its covered in blood.

[..YouTube..] @MarieGTV theres no season 9

[..YouTube..] @Xaxxor make up he was prob shootin a scene where he needed a dirty prop

[..YouTube..] 24 may be over but Jack Bauer IS FOREVER!

[..YouTube..] Mr.Kiefer Sutherland, I want you happy Christmas and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:)

[..YouTube..] 24 is my favorite nummber and 24 is my favorite show and
Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland is the best :D

[..YouTube..] happy birthday kiefer!! ilove u so much…I am thrilled with the serie and even thought it stopped iwill watch it again and again! Guys, you have right, life would be sucks without 24….THE BEST SERIES EVER ….JACK IS THE BEST AGENT EVER and KIEFER IS THE BEST ACTOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE………….

[..YouTube..] is there comming season 9???

[..YouTube..] @TheMacki95 Kiefer giving a Series Finale interview should have tipped you off.

[..YouTube..] @DavyCrockettfan95 Same here

[..YouTube..] Your welcome, Kiefer. Love from the Newton’s in Toronto, Canada.

[..YouTube..] I love him so so so much <3

[..YouTube..] There are rumors that NBC might pick up 24 for season 9.

[..YouTube..] Wow, I didn’t know 24 was over, I just finished watching Season 7, that really sucks. I guess I will cherish season 8 that much more, it’s the only season I haven’t watched yet.

[..YouTube..] @Xaxxor I’m sure he just got done beating some suspect’s head in. In fact, when Jack Bauer’s hands are not covered in blood, then you should ask what’s with his hand?

[..YouTube..] can me and keifer has sexy times now plz?

[..YouTube..] There R rumors that HBO will pick up 24 for season 9

[..YouTube..] guys …”Keifer Sutherland” is fictional. That is jack bauer, do you think an actor would have no problem with having blood on his hands at 0:28 :P

[..YouTube..] “When I first met you at CTU, I never thought you’d be the one having my back all day long today” The last words he told Chloe at the end of Day 8!!

At least he said something resembling that.

[..YouTube..] @Halo6406 Season 8 was probably the best season in my opinion. They did in season 8 what they should have done a long time ago, and they did so much more…it was on another level compared to the previous seasons. If fans think the same, and respond very positively to it, then we’ll have a season 9 for sure!

[..YouTube..] @Chief70 You thought season 7 sucked, and that’s why you didn’t watch season 8 yet? Is that what you said? If it is, then forget about it…season 8 is the best season ever. It’s very different you’ll see.

[..YouTube..] @WorldOfSnakes No, I meant finding out 24 was finished sucked. It meant I only have1 more season to look forward to (Season 8).

[..YouTube..] @Chief70 alright…you’ll see it’s so great and pumping!

[..YouTube..] Season 1, was probably the best season. Everything was new and surprising, for example, that Nina worked inside CTU and that Teri died.

[..YouTube..] HE HAS BOOD ON HIS HANDS!!!

[..YouTube..] @DavyCrockettfan95 mine to :(

[..YouTube..] 24 Sucks.

[..YouTube..] Have to admit that Jan was always a great tv month just for the two night opening of a new 24 season.Thank you Kiefer thank you cast and crew for bringing us the very best in entertainment for 8 fantastic seasons.I’ve watched each season 4 times already and never tire of it.Thought Jack was going to last another 30 years in a wheelchair like Ironside. LOL Bauerside-hey maybe 30 yrs down the road they’ll revisit this.In the meantime can’t wait for the movie(s).

[..YouTube..] @schweij Yeah, whats with that?!

[..YouTube..] 0:28
Está com sangue nas mãos! hehehe
De nada, Kiefer!

[..YouTube..] dno debieron de haberla terminado!
es una serie que no puedes dejar de ver!
es la mejor de todas!

[..YouTube..] @Xaxxor some blood make up he had in the finale

[..YouTube..] OH NOOOO!! The finale/last 3 minutes of 24 was the saddest moment of all action series I’ve ever watched … I cried nonstop. 24 should have been around much longer :'(( oh Kiefer … I’ll miss Chloe, Arlo, Cole and Bauer lots!!! XXX

[..YouTube..] its fucked up the way 24 ended… i feel like the maker of the show owe us (the wiever) another season beecause the ending was fucked up!

[..YouTube..] ok i want to start making videos i know how tro make them but idk how or wear to get the clipss can anyyone helpp???

[..YouTube..] 1 person is a terrorist

[..YouTube..] Please God, bring Jack Bauer to the big screen. I will be the first in line. for it.This would never have been as successful without Keifer Sutherland I guarantee you that. He made this show. Keifer, as a fan I am thankful to you for your brillant acting and portrayl of what will go down as one of the greatest roles in televsion history. Now, please get the movie going. I can’t wait for more Bauer.

[..YouTube..] @2Dopeeee : really? when is it coming out? :O i gotta c it

[..YouTube..] I cannot think of another person cast to play a character that was more perfect than Kiefer Sutherland. Ed O’neil as Al Bundy was close. But Kiefer as Jack Bauer was absolute perfection.

[..YouTube..] Dammit !!!

[..YouTube..] no better show .

[..YouTube..] blood all over his hand. lol

[..YouTube..] @tereliye1000
IMDB got it listed for a 2012 release.

[..YouTube..] See if CTU would’ve just let Jack do it his way, the show would be called 12.

[..YouTube..] I am SO BUMMED that 24 is done! I wish they had gone on a little bit longer with the seasons.

[..YouTube..] @MNygma1 ya man.

[..YouTube..] I got the last 5 mins of the show
on me channel.

[..YouTube..] 0:27 What does he have on his hand!

Sorry, I’m not an English person..

[..YouTube..] That was the last and only show I committed to watching in the last 20 years…

[..YouTube..] I’m disapointed. The camera work looks like somebody’s vacation video with all that handheld camera bullshit. IT LOOKS LIKE SHIT!!!! What’s with the argument that the camera men come up with is that “I have more freedom and it’s awesome !!1!!!1!11”. Fuck you. Everybody knows that in order to produce anything half desent you should have a camera mounted on a dolly / vehicle ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Seriously fuck 24.

[..YouTube..] I hope 24 film does wrap up a few loose ends..

-What happens to Tony?
-What became of Alan Wilson?
-Do we see Mandy again?

There are so many stories that haven’t concluded

[..YouTube..] @MarrrVe
It’s blood. He is hurt in his side, thats why:)

[..YouTube..] I wish they didin’t quit making these… Dumbasses… I wonder why they did it…

[..YouTube..] The dislikers will be tortured!

[..YouTube..] “Drop your weapon now!!!” ya’y Jack!!

[..YouTube..] Seems one person was busted by Jack trying to shoot the President…

[..YouTube..] I miss watching Jack kill terrorists now. A lot.

[..YouTube..] @covertJACKBUAER


[..YouTube..] @ComeTogether365 lmao :)

[..YouTube..] @covertJACKBUAER lol

[..YouTube..] 24 is THE best.period.nada.goodnight

[..YouTube..] @MysticRey2414 I was thinking the same thing when I heard that season 8 was the last season!

[..YouTube..] This was the best show that will ever come to TV, period! Every episode was so packed with AWESOMENESS that when they ended, life was brought to a standstill (pretty much!) til the next episode aired. It was just that awesome! Every now and then, I hear people talking about how dumb 24 was, but I always get the same answer when I ask if they watched (No), so I quietly excuse their ignorance. Still, 24 was by far the best thing that has or will ever happen to TV, EVER!!!

[..YouTube..] @jarbon5 I know… Nuuuuuu! Made me so mad! Does anyone really know the real reason? I have heard so many rumors… ?

[..YouTube..] @ClownViolenceBoogie Gay.

[..YouTube..] You’re welcome Kiefer!!! I LOVE YOU!!! So sad to see this show end. There will never be a show quite like this. Thank you Netflix for letting me stay up countless hours completely glued to my tv telling myself “Ok, after this episode, I’m definitely going to bed” pfffff Next episode plox =) It’s so addictive.

[..YouTube..] @MysticRey2414 I heard that season 8 was to be it’s last season on the local Fox news station, and a “What the helllll!!!!” slipped past my lips. There were interviews with Kiefer Sutherland all over the place at the time, but I never watched them. It never mattered to me why Season 8 was determined to be the last season, all that mattered was ‘that Season 8 was going to be the last season. That really fucked me up>:(

[..YouTube..] @MysticRey2414 I know you are.

[..YouTube..] this 1 dislike is from chuck norris!!!

[..YouTube..] @jarbon5 Yeah… Fucked me up too, I was so angry! >.< I heard that Kiefer didin't want to do the show anymore, or that some conflict happened between him and someone else or the whole ordeal.

[..YouTube..] @MysticRey2414 I had heard that they were suppose to be making a 24 movie. If that’s so, I hope it does well, cuz the dynamics for a movie is much different then a TV program. Still, haven’t heard anything about the 24 movie myself, so we shall see if the thing about the movie is really true. Finally, no matter the reason, I was sad to see this show end. It just seemed to have ended too soon!

[..YouTube..] 1 person was chistopher anderson’s son


[..YouTube..] The director is Kiefer Sutherland’s boss. Why didn’t he just say, “Kiefer, either learn how to say ‘nuclear’ or else you are fired”. Why did he allow that irritatin faux pas to ruin an otherwise beautiful work of art? SPURN THE MUSE!!

[..YouTube..] “it’s complicated” says he. All actors make their livin by tellin lies. It’s not complicated, it’s simple. The cover-up, of the real reason, is complicated.

[..YouTube..] i am so sad that it’s over…i wanted more and more 24!!!!!! :(

[..YouTube..] Bring on the 24 movie! I loved this TV show. Jack (Kiefer) you rock!

[..YouTube..] that 1 guy was “Charles Logan”

[..YouTube..] see ya jack!

[..YouTube..] you are a bad ass .. this is the first time i see him smiling :O

[..YouTube..] @ClownViolenceBoogie You don’t get the point do u?!.. the camera IS mounted..!!!! That movement is an EFFECT to make things seem that you’re in the action with them.. I really thought it was even worth it to reply to your comment..

[..YouTube..] @DennisBayazitov That is exactly what happens on the rest of Jack’s other days!!!.. Whats wrong with you ppl!!! Thatz the whole point every season is JUST a day in the guy’s “LIFE”.. That means we witnessed only 8.. I really hope I don’t run into more of these *&%&^%*& comments

[..YouTube..] @WorldOfSnakes I sure wanna hope so.. But at the same time I don’t wanna put too much hope then get dissapointed..

[..YouTube..] ♥♥

[..YouTube..] The cameraman was assassinated after this interview. No one interrogates Jack Bauer.

[..YouTube..] i love you jack bauer <3 x

[..YouTube..] The 1 person is Satan. He’s pissed at Jack Bauer because all the people he’s killed are crowding up Hell

[..YouTube..] I miss this show =(

[..YouTube..] chucks norris checks under his bed at night for jack bauer

[..YouTube..] 9 years. man, it’s hard to believe 24 has been around that long and it was still going strong up to the finale. can’t believe its coming to an end. i really hope that pull through with the movie and hopefully something more after that.

[..YouTube..] best show ever made. ill miss it :-(

[..YouTube..] “Myself, who plays Chloe.”


[..YouTube..] Love ju!

[..YouTube..] JAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack you are soooo cool!!!

[..YouTube..] y is netflix taking them all down on instant watch on april 1st……..they need to stay up forever!

[..YouTube..] The 2 people were Nina Meyers and Charles Logan

[..YouTube..] 2:47 jack still has blood on his hands it’s not over till jack washes his hands

[..YouTube..] grande actor Kiefer Sutherland

[..YouTube..] @Bauer753 Where did you hear that?

[..YouTube..] @norb7771 on my xbox instant que it says all my 24 cept season 8 are only available till april 1st, but on their website it doesn’t say that. so hopefully it stays up, cause i just started re watching them, and only on season 3 :(

[..YouTube..] @Bauer753 Oh, that would totally suck.

[..YouTube..] haha he’s still got blood on his hands!

[..YouTube..] 0:27 what’s with his hand?

[..YouTube..] season 9, hunting down jack

[..YouTube..] season 9, hunting down jack

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer for 8 amazing seasons of Jack Bauer, you are such great actor!

24 is forever going to be one my favorite tv-shows, hopefully the movie is still coming at some point.

[..YouTube..] the Finale was the saddest finale I have ever seen, I cried so much

[..YouTube..] CHECK OUT MY 24 MEGA MASHUP!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] watch?v=8NfgTdsjFH8&feature=youtube_gdata_player

[..YouTube..] @Balnazzardi 24 was the best drama series of the past decade. i was hooked on this show!

[..YouTube..] @hellrazor24 Indeed ^^. Im watching all the seasons again from dvd, now almost watched season 5 (prop the best season imo.) Also I didnt start watching 24 until half-way season 2, when it first aired on TV, so it was great to see first season and beginning of season 2 for the first time recently.

[..YouTube..] @Balnazzardi definitely one of the best shows in history, drawn from an original concept that fox took a gamble on, any other network would have cancelled it. i’ve seen every season, every episode (2, 4, 5 and 7 are my personal favorites. 6 was the weakest) and enjoyed every minute of it

[..YouTube..] @Balnazzardi Season 5 is the best season. The way I see 24 all the seasons were awesome but the ones I didnt like that much were seasons 1 and 6. Season 1 because well Nina screwed jack the entire season and ythere wasnt a lot of action and season 6 because they were a lot of problems with the plot namely Graem Bauer and President Palmer but I’d still watch it over and over again, love the show that much.

[..YouTube..] @PeterEhik Very true…my favorite seasons are 5,7, and 8…I especially liked the last 2 seasons because they moved from LA to Washington and NY….and when Jack went totally rampage near the end of last season, that was just so awesome and fun to watch :D

Man, Im so excited for 24 the movie, simply have to see it the first day it’s out!

[..YouTube..] @Balnazzardi Season 8 and 7 were great because Bauer now had a reputation almost everyone knew him and respected him. In season 7 he was vilified but well he came out on top and Almeida was badass in season 7. Season 8 was just that damn good especially when Bauer got angry, great show man. I love 24 so much

[..YouTube..] I am just wondering why the three people who disliked this video came here in the first place….Anyone any ideas? :-D

[..YouTube..] the best movie i see ever………………….

[..YouTube..] Throughout the whole show, Jack never went to the bathroom.

He did not poop for EIGHT DAYS haha

[..YouTube..] I’m watching from the 1st season of 24

[..YouTube..] thank you Kiefer for giving us the best tv show to ever hit the small screen.

[..YouTube..] He killed Bin Laden not the U.S army

[..YouTube..] FUUCK ..I have Got NO MORE episodes

[..YouTube..] @neozeonsolid Enjoy the ride!! I wish I could erase my memory of 24 and watch from season 1 all over again :P

[..YouTube..] Ever since 24 aired, there has been ZERO successful terrorists attacks on the US. And after 24 ended, Osama’s killed.


[..YouTube..] @neozeonsolid Prepare to have your mind blown… I think I’m going to do it again.

[..YouTube..] @covertJACKBUAER 3 actually

[..YouTube..] oh man i miss 24 very much… one of my favorite shows and w/o kiefer sutherland it definitely wouldn’t have been the same. he’s such an amazing actor (that voice!) and has been able to stay humble and down-to-earth, which is why i love him!!! this was virtually the only show that i watched religiously (i typically used to leave office around 9-10pm, but on mondays i never failed to leave by 8:30 to rush home to watch this, snapping at my boss that I HAVE A LIFE!) hehe

[..YouTube..] What’s wrong with his left hand???

[..YouTube..] @CamThu100
Left over blood (or fake blood) from a scene in season 8 *tries to aviod spoilers*

[..YouTube..] 3 dislikes : charles logan, the deceased nina myers, and……….dana walsh

[..YouTube..] He gives one man army a whole new meaning :)

[..YouTube..] @girrocks12 Thanks for the answer :)

[..YouTube..] OH MY… i miss u so much jack bauer! i`ve watched 24 religiously, d only 1 show that i never failed to watched from season 1-8. GOD BLESS JACK!!!

[..YouTube..] @joske103 TV shows hit the big screen?

[..YouTube..] He’s so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :)

[..YouTube..] wait… why are his hands bloody. or dirty.
when he scratches his eye at 1:27

[..YouTube..] @swittzman lolwut? That’s so wierd.

[..YouTube..] @swittzman Dude, he’s Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] @jstone114 your right
he probably interogated someone to find out were the interview was takin place

[..YouTube..] kiefer sutherland made 24 what it is :)

[..YouTube..] bye jack.

comb back….

[..YouTube..] Funnest time i’ve had watching a tv drama series probably ever. This show was never boring and always action packed.. Excellent show!!