Photo: Jack Bauer in 24 series finale

Here’s a promotional picture from FOX of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) in the 24 series finale airing on May 24th. He’s carrying his extra large “Jack Sack” from episode 19 which we know is filled with all sorts of guns, ammo, and weapons courtesy of his buddy Jim Ricker (played by Michael Madsen).

Who is Jack pointing the gun at? We’ll have to wait another month to find out!



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I think he want to kill Russian President!

After getting a lead on the actual person who ordered the Killing of something that was taken from Jack, Renee, Jack will definately go against all odds to point the gun at The Russian President.
what he wanted was to deal with the one who gave the order to kill Renee and that is what he is after, thanks to Logans big mouth, that guy always played in Jacks traps, he has pointed jack to the end of the trail.
No army, agents or even cloe will stop Jack from pointing that gun at the Russian president to avenge Renee’s death.

“i want the Russians to pay, they took something from me, Renee”. Jack had big plans for her, probably marriage, a fresh start, someone chattered all that, BIG mistake, no one stands in Jacks way.

i hope we could have such agents, the US would be a safe place. i will miss 24