24 Season 3 Episode 19 Synopsis

TitanTV: Jack urges caution with a new lead and it comes back to bite him; Cole seeks help for his nose; Palmer convenes the cabinet before hearing Saunders’ next demand, and ultimate goal. Forrester: Maria Del Mar. Jane: Alexandra Lydon. FOX: With Saunders now calling the shots, Jack looks to create a surprise of his… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 18 Synopsis

FOX: President Palmer tells Jack that a top CTU agent is to be killed. Meanwhile, at the hotel, Michelle offers a peaceful ending to those infected with the virus. TitanTV: Jack prepares Chappelle for his assignment; a hotel guest reports a missing companion who may have left the hotel with the virus; Michelle gives the… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 17 Synopsis

TitanTV: The link is found between Jack and Saunders, who makes his first demand of Palmer; Jack uses a legal loophole against a new witness; Michelle lobbies to ease the pain of the infected. Tomlinson: Simon Templeman. Diana: Gabrielle Fitzpatrick. FOX: Jack realizes he has a connection to Stephen Saunders, a man from Jack’s past… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 16 Synopsis

FOX: Jack loosens his control of Amador in order to find out who he’s working for. Meanwhile, one of 12 vials containing the virus has been planted inside a Los Angeles hotel, prompting CTU to impose a total quarantine of the building. TitanTV: Extreme force is ordered to isolate the hotel; Sherry threatens Palmer over… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 15 Synopsis

TitanTV: CTU IDs the system likely to launch the virus; Amador is chastised by his employer, who’s familiar with Jack; the police question Julia without a lawyer present. Saunders: Paul Blackthorne. Phillips: Doug Savant. Norris: Tony Todd. FOX: Jack must deal with due process questions following his sudden killing of a key material witness in… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 14 Synopsis

FOX: After confronting Jack about his drug use, Chappelle considers pulling him from active duty. Meanwhile, Chase faces a secret he’s been keeping from CTU; and Sherry creates a dangerous lie to cover her connection to Alan Milliken TitanTV: Sherry lies to Palmer about seeing Julia; Alvers alters the virus; Nina is introduced to new… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 13 Synopsis

TitanTV: Nina takes things in a new direction, and adds a new player; Chloe is out of service when CTU needs her most; Sherry launches a stealth op against Milliken (Albert Hall). Chloe: Mary Lynn Rajskub. Julia: Gina Torres. Nina: Sarah Clarke. FOX: Chase confronts Jack as to why he wasn’t included in the plans… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 12 Synopsis

FOX: With less than an hour before the delivery of the virus, Nina tries to convince Ramon Salazar that Jack isn’t who he says he is. Meanwhile, Sherry needs President Palmer’s help in order to make a deal with someone who can bring down Alan Milliken. TitanTV: Tensions escalate at CTU with the arrival of… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 11 Synopsis

TitanTV: Emotions carry weight as Palmer makes a deal in his “street fight” with Milliken; Hector’s doubts about continuing the operation cause dissension with Ramon; Kim gets a disturbing assignment. Sherry: Penny Johnson Jerald. Nina: Sarah Clarke. TV Now: Jack and the Salazars continue trying to get the virus from Michael Amador; President Palmer finds… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 8 Synopsis

TitanTV: Wayne and the president disagree over Jack’s actions, which are explained to Ramon; CTU tries to intercept Chase; Anne gets more than she wants from her ex-husband. Gutierrez: Marco Sanchez. Ted: Conor O’Farrell. Claudia: Vanessa Ferlito. FOX: President Palmer comes down hard on Jack and Tony when he learns he was being kept in… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 7 Synopsis

Here is the synopsis for 24 Season 3 Episode 7. Will be updated as more come in. TIVO: Chappelle accuses Chase of covering up Jack’s drug addiction; Michelle gives Gael command of the counter-terrorist unit. TitanTV: Michelle asks Gael to take over for her; Chase gets help in disobeying Chappelle to pursue a lead on… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 6 Synopsis

TV Guide Canada: President Palmer must make a life-threatening decision regarding Jack; Kim finds out about her father’s drug addition; Ryan Chappelle takes control of CTU. TV Guide Online: After Chappelle takes command at CTU, Chase lobbies him to get Palmer’s input on Jack’s situation; Kim’s emotional state is questioned; Kyle’s parents get a prognosis… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 5 Synopsis

TitanTV: Jack’s diversion at the prison comes back to bite him; Gael seeks to slow CTU’s tracking of Kyle; Kim is rattled by news of Jack’s activities; Keeler plays the Anne card at the debate. Keeler: Geoff Pierson. Warden: Kevin Chapman. FOX: JACK STARTS A PRISON RIOT, CTU CLOSES IN ON KYLE SINGER, PRESIDENT PALMER… View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 3 Synopsis

TitanTV: Kyle’s parents get a clue about his activities; Wayne finds a solution to the problem regarding Anne; Salazar requests another meeting with Annicon; the virus’s infection and fatality rates are revised upward. Singer: Ted Marcoux. Insight Digital Cable: Jack finds Kyle Singer’s residence, but Kyle isn’t there. Palmer prepares himself for the televised debate…. View Article

24 Season 3 Episode 2 Synopsis

FOX: Jack and Chase hunt for one of Salazar’s mid-level distributors, but they are thrown off by an unsuspecting teenager who is being used as a pawn; Dr. Macer shows the president how the virus can kill within 24 hours of exposure. Titan TV: Jack and Chase visit the last address of the infected body;… View Article