24 Season 3 Episode 21 Synopsis


Jack and Chase make their move to grab Saunders, while Tony is forced to choose between his duty and protecting his wife. Meanwhile, President Palmer deals with Senator Keeler’s plan to go on the offensive.

TV Guide Online:

As Saunders keeps him on a tight rein, Tony scurries to cover his tracks, while the rest of CTU suspects another mole; Sherry Palmer makes an offer of assistance.


Jane and Kim head back to Los Angeles in the CTU motorcade. President Palmer must make a decision regarding Saunders newest demand. Sherry approaches Palmer’s political opponent with a unique offer. CTU gets intel on Saunders location but soon realize he has a new asset. Geoffery Pierson – Senator John Keeler; Maria Del Mar – Rachael Forrester; and special guest star Penny Johnson Jerald as Sherry Palmer.