Extra visits 24 set, gets Season 4 details

Aisha Tyler talks to Extra
Aisha Tyler talks to Extra

The clock is ticking, lives are on the line and Jack Bauer is back. Only “Extra” was on the set as Kiefer Sutherland and crew got ready to kick off season four of his critically-acclaimed FOX thriller, “24.”

Kiefer is back from working on a couple of movies and teaming with a few new co-stars as the show returns with 24 uninterrupted episodes airing in a new Monday night time slot. “Hopefully we’ll surprise you a bit,” Sutherland told our Jon Kelley. “I am really the only character that has come back.”

Among the new characters is funny lady and “24” fan Aisha Tyler. “It’s such a cool show,” Aisha insisted. “You get to be essentially a secret agent and it’s pretty much the coolest job ever.”

And “Extra” has learned that Kiefer will have a new love interest this season, although the star wouldn’t cough up any details during his “Extra” interrogation. “Who told you that?” he asked. “It would give away a huge part of the show.”

In fact, everyone on the set remained tight-lipped about the Season Four story lines. “I can’t say anything about the show,” Aisha joked. “I can’t even tell you what we ate for lunch today. I will be shot dead; literally there is a sniper over here.”

But Kiefer confessed to one plot twist he’d like to see when the race against the clock returns with a two-hour special Sunday January 9th. “Let [Jack] sleep for an hour,” he insisted. “I would vote for that every once in a while.”

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