24 Season 4 Episode 16 Synopsis


Jack locates Marwan’s hideout. Meanwhile, President Keeler wants to address the nation before the 11 o’clock news.

TV Guide:

A Marwan operative alludes to another attack within the hour, while another gets help from Jack in searching for a missing hard drive; the president prepares to address the nation.

The 24 Insider:

Jack and several CTU tactical teams storm Marwan’s hide-out. Meanwhile, one of Marwan’s operatives scrambles to secure a hidden hard-drive that’s located somewhere inside of Anderson’s house. Some people close to production believe that episode 16 will be among the greatest episodes of all-time. The action is amazing and this is one of those true edge of your seat episodes. No bullshit.

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The female FBI agent, Drake, was sent to Anderson’s place to investigate. She went in to the house, looked around the 1st floor, and yet she noticed that there were also upstairs but still didn’t check, then she got fatally shot (by Nicole – another associate of Marwan’s – who happened to be there at the time) while trying to make a phone call. What was that? How stupid was she to do that phone call in the middle of such a risky situation? She’s FBI.