24: Conspiracy

24: Conspiracy was a series created for mobile phones (“mobisodes”) in 2005 with each episode running one minute in length. All episodes were later included on the 24 Season 4 DVD. You can watch the entire project here:

24: Conspiracy Episode Guide

  • Minute 1: 
Department of Defense agent Donald Frick gets more than he bargains for when he takes a beautiful woman back to his hotel room.
  • Minute 2: 
CTU Director James Sutton enlists agent Martin Kail in the hunt for rogue agent Susan Walker.
  • Minute 3: 
Martin tries to refuse the assignment of hunting down his former lover Susan Walker.
  • Minute 4:
 Martin receives an ominous phone call from Susan warning him not to come after her.
  • Minute 5: 
Martin follows up on a lead as to Susan’s whereabouts.
  • Minute 6:
 Gerber goes to dramatic lengths to prevent Martin’s interrogation.
  • Minute 7:
 Martin enlists the help of a CTU analyst in his investigation.
  • Minute 8: 
Martin’s capture of a suspect leads to a surprising confrontation.
  • Minute 9:
 Martin wakes to learn he’s been captured by Susan Walker.
  • Minute 10: 
The tables turn between Martin and Susan.
  • Minute 11:
 Susan confides to Martin her reason for killing Donald Frick.
  • Minute 12: 
Martin further investigates Sutton’s involvement in the conspiracy.
  • Minute 13: 
Martin breaks into Sutton’s office in a search for evidence.
  • Minute 14:
 Sutton tells Martin there are two more D.O.D. agents dead.
  • Minute 15:
 Susan tells Martin what she knows about the conspiracy.
  • Minute 16:
 Susan and Martin make a gruesome discovery at the home of a suspect.
  • Minute 17:
 Susan and Martin race to meet a contact with access to a high security computer system.
  • Minute 18: 
Susan and Martin’s contact is killed and a gunfight breaks out.
  • Minute 19:
 Sutton and Kelly tracks down Susan and Martin’s whereabouts.
  • Minute 20:
 Sutton arrests Susan and Martin.
  • Minute 21:
 Sutton interrogates a defiant Martin.
  • Minute 22:
 Susan and Martin realize who is behind the conspiracy.
  • Minute 23:
 Susan and Martin break out of custody.
  • Minute 24: 
The investigation comes to a shattering conclusion.