Manny Coto posts thank you message on official site

New 24 writer Manny Coto has posted a thank you message on the forums of his official website. And he teases that the season will only get better as it goes on. Check it out below:

Hi, Folks,

Just wanted to drop in and say that I hope you’re all enjoying this season of 24.

It’s been quite a challenge going from a show like Enterprise to 24… (no Andorians!) but it’s also been an extremely rewarding year. I have the honor or working alongside some of the best writers in the business, which God knows, helps keep me on my toes.

I’m thrilled that Season 5 has been so well received (so far), especially since some of the best stuff is still to come (we’re currently outlining episodes 20-23, and even talking about where to go with Season 6!).

I will be happy to take suggestions and/or answer questions about the 24 writing process or about aired episodes… but unlike Season 4 of Enterprise, when I unleashed a torrent of spoilers, I won’t give away any future plot twists, so don’t ask! Post away!

Thanks for watching…


It’s nice to see a 24 crew member interacting with fans in such a friendly way. We’ll do another post with a roundup of the questions he answers in the next few days.