Powers Boothe interviewed by FOX 59

Powers Boothe discusses his role of Vice President Noah Daniels in 24‘s sixth season and how Joel Surnow originally had another role in mind for him. Both mutually agreed the previous role wasn’t right and he was later offered the part of Noah Daniels instead.

YouTube Link: 24: Powers Boothe on 24


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[..YouTube..] Powers is a fantastic actor. He’d be a great Revolver Ocelot in the Metal Gear Solid movie.

[..YouTube..] Looks weird without the mustache.

[..YouTube..] he and Tom Lennox were the greatest NEW characters in a long time. both perfectly acted.

[..YouTube..] He does don’t he.

[..YouTube..] muy muy buen actor!
deberia volver para la season 7

[..YouTube..] Seriously great actor.

[..YouTube..] I watched him in the film Sudden Death with Jean Claude Van Damme & he was an EXCELLENT villian. A Great Actor.

[..YouTube..] What a badass. With a badass name, Powers! He lives up to it. Tombstone, Nixon, classics.

[..YouTube..] great, powerful actor. I wish he made more movies.

[..YouTube..] Should have played two face in The Dark Knight.

[..YouTube..] Hell yeah.

[..YouTube..] Best role: Hardin in Southern Comfort hands down… such a bad ass in that movie man if you haven’t seen it… see it

[..YouTube..] I’ve never heard of this dude until I bought Area 51 for ps2 he’s a voice talent in that

[..YouTube..] I adore his deep, gravel voice. His acting his astonishing. He is an excellent actor.

[..YouTube..] I just saw him in red dawn! Great movie and great actor

[..YouTube..] he was that cow boy that always wore the red shirt in tombstone right

[..YouTube..] He was also the Eagle Driver in “Red Dawn” who was the object of Lea Thompson’s affections. Great actor with a great voice too!

[..YouTube..] Loved him as pres in 24

[..YouTube..] Gorgeous Man, love his voice!

[..YouTube..] He’s a really great underrated actor.

[..YouTube..] I wonder what role he was originally considered for on 24.

[..YouTube..] if they ever make a film of the dark night returns, this is the guy you cast for bruce wayne.

[..YouTube..] Noah Daniels should be President!

[..YouTube..] One of my favorite Lone Star State actors… ^_^ I think his most favorite role of mine has to be his portrayal of Jim Jones–a very well-done performance, if I do say so myself!

[..YouTube..] curly bill

[..YouTube..] This guy would be perfect for the role of Dutch in a Red Dead Redemption movie.

[..YouTube..] Haha Gorilla Grodd!!

[..YouTube..] @ruecast2007 A-frickin’-men! ^_^

[..YouTube..] @360whiplash I agree with you wholeheartedly. ^_^

[..YouTube..] @Subaru537 Ah, I see someone else who’s familiar with his voiceover work! :D You know, he should do that kind of stuff more often, ’cause he’s sooooooo good at it! ^_^ (Then again, what *isn’t* Powers Boothe good at? XD )

[..YouTube..] @RockyWhyNot I know, he’s soooooo handsome! ^_^ And his voice….Ooh, boy, makes me melt every time I hear it! :D *giggles*

[..YouTube..] @Cokie907 Amen! ^_^

[..YouTube..] @TheMouseAvenger Yes, a toast to that (his voice acting). I really hope they bring back the justice league for old times sake and him in it…. I can only hope.