24 Season 6 Episode 14 Spoilers from AICN

Spoilers for 24 Season 6 Episode 14 from Hercules at Ain’t It Cool News:

  • Gredenko and Fayed launch one of the drones with a nuke. Where is it headed?
  • CTU tries to track it but, thanks to that tried-and-true CTU security, of course someone has hacked into the system and figured out a way to get the drones to evade their satellites.
  • Who could the mole be? A quick check of the computers confirms Ricky Schroeder’s suspicions–It’s Nadja! Get the foreigner! They lock her up right quick. But Milo still believes in her innocence.
  • Meanwhile, Jack’s not-at-all-bereaved sister-in-law tries to put the moves on him. Jack tells her he was involved with Audrey before his incarceration. Then, sis-in-law drops the bomb–Audrey was killed in a suspicious car accident in China while trying to free Jack! Jack is speechless but still manages to bitch out Chloe for not telling him earlier.
  • CTU figures out that the drone is being piloted from a house basically across the street from their offices (note to future terrorists–not a good plan). So Ricky and Jack go next door and kick the guy’s ass.
  • In a pretty effective scene, Jack figures out that the drone is headed for San Francisco and if it gets to a certain range of coordinates, the nuke will automatically go off. So he must try to swerve the drone off course at the last minute without stalling it. It’s very tense and all, but he’s Jack Bauer, so he pulls it off. However, the drone does end up stalling out and Jack crash-lands it on an industrial loading dock. The bomb doesn’t go off, but the early responders do get a healthy dose of radiation and probably won’t make it.
  • Everybody breathes a sigh of relief. The bomb didn’t go off, so the crazy VP won’t nuke Iran. “Screw it” says the VP (figuratively) and gives the strike order anyway. Suck it, Iran! Dink-dank-dink-dank…

He then briefly teases next weeks episode 15:

Next week?

  • Two members of CTU start making out, and at least one of them isn’t named O’Brien.
  • Mike Doyle hides something.
  • Palmer’s sister is recruited to risk the president’s life.
  • A strange new character enters the fray.