Tony Todd’s character is the “middle man” of 24 Season 7

You just recently shot a prequel for the show.
We went to South Africa, Cape Town. Thirty hour flight, folks. Do not take a thirty hour flight unless you have to. It was first class, but you’re loopy by the time you got there.

The show itself is exceptional. I play a character named General Juma who is ruler of this country called Sangala. And they created a vibe for me that I didn’t have to do anything, I inhabited it. And things happen, we shot five more episodes to follow it up in May. So I think the prequel comes out in November and Season 7 starts officially in January.

You said you shot five more episodes, is that all we can expect from you this season or do you come back later on? Or can’t you say?
I can’t say that, but I will say that it’s sort of a relay race this season. Robert Carlyle starts the ball rolling, I’m the middle man, and I pass the ball to Jon Voight. How cool is that? I was a young theater student, Jon Voight was a phenomenal actor. Midnight Cowboy rocked my world. Unbelievable.

How was Kiefer Sutherland to work with?
He’s great! We have some mutual friends. Kiefer has become Jack Bauer. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Jack Bauer comes to set and you know something’s gonna go down! [Laughs] It’s a fun show, the crew was fantastic. It’s an oiled machine. I’m just honored to come back. It’s actually my second role on the series. When this came up, I thought the rule was you can’t repeat. But they had trouble finding people for this guy, and they came back to me. And I’m really stoked.

Source Movieweb