ET at 24 Redemption Premiere

Tick Tock. The “24” clock is counting down the hours once again — and ET was on the red carpet for the much-anticipated return of the hit series, starring Kiefer Sutherland. ET also spoke with Jon Voight, who opened up about daughter Angelina Jolie’s growing family!

Sutherland, who plays the show’s star Jack Bauer, had this to say about the night’s big premiere:

“To the fans that waited this long, we really hope they enjoy it,” Sutherland said.

“24” missed a season as a result of the writers strike, and now, Sutherland fills us in on the two-hour TV movie, shot on location in Africa, that will bridge the gap between seasons six and seven of the political thriller.

“It was amazing,” he adds. “It hits you on so many levels. To be in a real environment. You can build a set that looks like Africa, but you aren’t going to have the people. The children we worked with are amazing.”

Joining the star on the red carpet were cast members Robert Carlyle (Carl Benton), Jon Voight (Jonas Hodges), Cherry Jones (President-elect Allison Taylor), Tony Todd (Colonel Juma), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Colonel Dubaku) and Gil Bellows (Frank Trammell).

“I was looking forward to working with Kiefer,” Voight tells ET. “He said he was happy to have me. Then we got to work together. I was very impressed to have a front row seat at how Kiefer does that Jack Bauer.”

Voight also tells ET he’s happy for daughter Angelina Jolie’s flourishing family life, saying, “I’m certainly excited about it — things are wonderful.”

“24: Redemption” airs Sunday, Nov. 23 at 8 p.m. on FOX and will be released on DVD on Tuesday, Nov. 25.

Source: ET Online