Sprague Grayden interviewed on TV Guide’s Hollywood 411

Sprague Grayden who plays Olivia Taylor talks about joining the cast of 24 in Season 7 and working with Cherry Jones.

YouTube Link: 24: Sprague Grayden


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[..YouTube..] He’s a great interviewer!

[..YouTube..] Fantastic actress and lovely.

She was my favorite wife in Sons of Anarchy <3.

[..YouTube..] no, making you hate her character Olivia is not good acting, it’s how bad of an actress she is. I do not like her acting. I watched her on her other works and she needs work on her technique badly or I will never like her. Both her and Katee Sackhoff really sucked ass and slightly ruined the show for me and many people I know who agree with me.

[..YouTube..] Sexiest 24 character next to Elisha Cuthbert.

[..YouTube..] she is a great character in pa2!!

[..YouTube..] Shes hot foreal and I think she was amazing as Donna and she was great for Opie but Lyla suits him better