24 Season 7 Episode 22 Promo (5:00AM – 6:00AM)

Promo for 24 Season 7 Episode 22 (5:00 AM – 6:00 AM). Jack Bauer learns of the target, Jibraan attempts to get the canister out of the station, the Justice Department is asking about Olivia Taylor’s whereabouts.

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[..YouTube..] where i can watch episode 21

[..YouTube..] Not that she was pregnant, she has a daughter … Little Teri. Maybe day8 will b his last day, in other words a continuation from day7….they have never done that before but there is always a 1st time for everything. Where day8 could actually b tomorrow?!?

[..YouTube..] Jack DID have a father. Emphasis on “did.” Watch season 6.

[..YouTube..] day 8 is 6 weeks later I believe

[..YouTube..] Jack should work at GITMO. All the arabs would pies in their pants..

[..YouTube..] the past few episodes are on fox’s website…you can watch them in full there

[..YouTube..] I seriously hope they figure out that Olivia’s involved in this during this next episode! Those people are slow as fuck!

[..YouTube..] jack’s father died in season 6!

[..YouTube..] lol do you not watch 24?

[..YouTube..] there is a rumour that day 8 will be jacks last day and he may die on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] yes, the idea has been fairly concrete in the minds of the writers….they plan to conclude 24 with Jack’s death…..they feel that it is the only way to bring closure to the character and to properly conclude the series, otherwise it could always be picked up for another deadly day…..it is fairly certain that day 8 will be last the season of 24.

[..YouTube..] How do you know that, may I ask?

[..YouTube..] project free tv

[..YouTube..] Yes Sceysch and he wont sleep for over 48 hours ^^

[..YouTube..] darth vader….(joke of the year)

[..YouTube..] thank god this show is almost over!
24 started to suck after the 5th season

[..YouTube..] if youre gonna write something negative about this.. then y are you even watching it?!

[..YouTube..] Yeah totally agree. I lost hope and faith that Tony may still a nice guy he has hidden agenda. Now I am pretty sure he is bad and I hope Jack give him lesson.

But seeing season 5 I know how sad must Jack be..

[..YouTube..] You are absolutely right.. I wish everyone can see it that way.. Unbelievable.. This is the only Movie that can shock and pump up my adrenaline while watching.

[..YouTube..] haha! me too

[..YouTube..] yeah…tht is true…apparently this week’s episode involves kim in some way….i am glad she came back for this season, she adds a new dimension to jack…

[..YouTube..] …tv show…

[..YouTube..] is tony a terrorist?

[..YouTube..] Well havent u watch the finale yet?…..He’s not a terrorist. He’s doing all this so he can get revenge for Michelle’s death.

[..YouTube..] thank you pokemonLuverr.. I’m still waiting for it on cable. I’m excited