24 Season 7 Finale Promo (6:00AM – 8:00AM)

Promo for the 24 Season 7 finale (episodes 23 and 24, hours 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM). Jack Bauer helps Tony Almeida escape in order to save his daughter Kim. Henry Taylor urges Allison to destroy the recording implicating their daughter Olivia. Renee Walker warns Kim Bauer of the hostiles watching her in the airport.

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[..YouTube..] are we gonna have season 8?

[..YouTube..] omfg it comes on tonight…i cant fucking wait!!!!!!!!!!! only 2 and a half fucking hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Can anyone tell me what they can do to save Jack and how its risky for kim!!

[..YouTube..] americans ur lucky i have to wait 6 days 4 it to come!!! how long until u see it in america? plzzzz

[..YouTube..] they have to take some of Kims blood and somehow use it to try and save Jack….but they said there’s like a very small chance Kim could get the same thing her dad has by giving her blood….i cant wait for next season!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] in america we already saw it on may 18th

[..YouTube..] pokemon is for fucking faggot assbangs

[..YouTube..] yep its all part of a stem cell research, (infact dont want to get too scientific..) and taking kim’s blood and putting it in jack MIGHT treat him. But its a very likely chance because kiefer signed a contact to contiune 24 till season 9 so yeh.

[..YouTube..] lol obviously troll, get a life ^_^

[..YouTube..] Totally agree…

[..YouTube..] how was it did jack die?

[..YouTube..] Gimme your weapon!!!
It rocks.

[..YouTube..] man u fucking spoiler

[..YouTube..] 0:28 let me die in peace

[..YouTube..] 0:27 *

[..YouTube..] Did anyone besides me feel kinda sorry for Tony?

[..YouTube..] in what page can i find the full episode ???

[..YouTube..] yes!!

[..YouTube..] i just saw the last episode, HOW CAN IT END LIKE THAT!!?!!?? i want to know if jack bauer still alive!! what would happen with olivia and tony!!??
i cant wait for the 8 season!1

[..YouTube..] yeah the ending kinda sucked. I mean, what happened with renee?

We’re going to know it, that’s right in season 8, but season 8 is 2 years after season 7!!! FUCK OFF

[..YouTube..] Kim bauer (L)

[..YouTube..] no its not its like 3 months

[..YouTube..] this was an awesome season. i like pie

[..YouTube..] LOL @ 0:10