Photos of John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted) visiting 24’s CTU

John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted (another FOX television show) has recently visited the 24 set. Rodney Charters, the Director of Photography on 24 has posted two pictures from the visit: one of him posing with Walsh and another with Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O’Brian).

John Walsh CTU Mary Lynn Rajskub John Walsh CTU Rodney Charters

CTU full cast lots of guests the Canon boys and John Walsh great guy he loves the look of 24

John Walsh came for a set visit and we all had to pose with him such a hero MaryLynn asked me to tw her shot

Source: Rodney Charters Twitter


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SnigeSounds very Die Hard 4.0 Not sure how they’ll write Tony back in, cant see how that can be done without it being stipud. However, having gone through what he has done, I can see him playing his villain role perfectly. But a woman president?! Well we’ll see how that goes.But I have to say, this next series is looking very promising. It’s good to see them changing the format a little with CTU going and all. The first thing that struck me about the trailer, it does have a movie feel to it. It seems the budget has gone up too. So going off trailer, this seems a great new season. But everyone was saying that about the last one, and that turned out to be not exactly the best.Either way, I’ve got a long way to go to see it, as I just cant watch it on TV. As Walking knows, I just cannot watch one episode a week. It kills me. So from the very 1st series I have always watched them on DVD and as many episodes in one go as I can. ( record being watching series 3 in just two sittings !!)