Guardian lists ’24’ as one of “best first episodes”

24 Season 1 cast pic

Guardian’s Richard Vine lists 24 along with Breaking Bad, Lost and Prison Break as TV shows that made a fantastic first impression. All good choices, and a good reasoning for 24:

Hard to beat for breathless, don’t-even-stop-to-think pacing. Jack gets a midnight call to head to the CTU offices – and as if a mole in the organisation and a major terrorist threat to the first African American presidential candidate (hey, this was 2002!) wasn’t enough to pack into one episode, he’s also got to deal with the news that his teenage daughter has gone AWOL. And by introducing viewers to that pounding digital clock, it was also the first show that dared to announce how much time it had left to entertain you – a surprisingly effective device to keep you coming back.

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