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24 Season 1 cast pic

Guardian lists ’24’ as one of “best first episodes”

Guardian’s Richard Vine lists 24 along with Breaking Bad, Lost and Prison Break as TV shows that made a fantastic first impression. All good choices, and a good reasoning for 24: Hard to beat for breathless, don’t-even-stop-to-think pacing. Jack gets a midnight call to head to the CTU offices – and as if a mole… View Article

24 Season 1 DVD Special Edition

24 Season 1 DVD Special Edition Audio Commentaries

Here are all the 24 Season 1 Special Edition DVD audio commentaries. 24 Season 1 Episode 1 commentary by Stephen Hopkins (Director), Peter Levy (Director of Photography): 24 Season 1 Episode 24 commentary by Stephen Hopkins (Director), Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer): Alternate 24 Season 1 finale scene commentary by Joel Surnow:

Richard Burgi in 24 Season 1

Richard Burgi was original choice for Jack Bauer

Richard Burgi who had a role in the first fourteen episodes of 24 Season 1 revealed that he was originally cast in the role of Jack Bauer – but the network wanted a well-known actor to have the leading role and they cast Kiefer Sutherland in the part instead. TVGuide.com: Speaking of The Sentinel, you… View Article

Howard Gordon interviewed by Sci-Fi Online

You’ve been with the production from the beginning. What was it that originally attracted you to the show? I came on board right after the pilot had shot. I had actually shot my own competing pilot called Ball and Chain, which was based on a comic book. It wasn’t picked up and I was lucky… View Article

The Cast of 24 Panel at Monte Carlo Television Festival

During the Monte Carlo Television Festival, World Screen News’s editor, Anna Carugati, moderated a panel with the cast of FOX’s acclaimed thriller 24, from creators Bob Cochran and Joel Surnow. In the excerpt below, the series’ stars discuss the challenges of the show, and the elements that have made it an international hit. For the… View Article

Sarah Clarke in a photo shoot

Sarah Clarke interviewed by Esquire UK

Sarah Clarke was interviewed by Esquire UK in their April 2013 issue (which features Kiefer Sutherland on the cover). Read her interview below. When ’24’ started, we thought Sarah Clarke was an angel. But then, we’ve always had a thing for psychotic Eastern European assassins. AND YOU THOUGHT THE PLOT OF “24” stretched credulity. Sarah… View Article

Evening Standard’s “24 things about 24”

His name is Jack Bauer and this is about to become the second longest day of his life. After the huge success of the cult BBC television series 24, whose devotees spent half of last year watching a day-long drama unfold in weekly one-hour instalments, the pioneering show returns for a second series on Sunday…. View Article

Xander Berkeley as George Mason in a 24 Season 2 Promotional Photo

Xander Berkeley interviewed by Sci-Fi Online

What was it that first attracted you to the role of George Mason in 24? I have to confess to pure ignorance on my part on what I was getting myself into. But that’s how things work out sometimes. There was a writers strike and it looked like production on a lot of movies would… View Article

Sarah Clarke

Former classmate chats with ’24’ star Sarah Clarke

Mike Schneider of the Associated Press has an interview with friend and former classmate Sarah Clarke. I first met Sarah Clarke in seventh grade when she was a ponytailed student in St. Louis with a dimpled smile and an infectious laugh. We went to junior high and high school together. The rest of you met… View Article

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke 24 Season 1 Radio Interview

Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers) was interviewed about her role. The host says that he was bummed when it looked like Nina was going to be bad, but luckily that was a false lead. He predicts Tony Almeida is the evil one, but no one knows. While filming the pilot, Bob Cochran and Joel Surnow said… View Article

Leslie Hope as Teri Bauer in 24 Season 1

Leslie Hope Talks About Audition Process, ’24’ Series

It’s hard to write about a show that’s as critically acclaimed as FOX’s new real-time drama “24” without giving anything way. Star Leslie Hope says it’s even harder trying to promote it. “It’s so weird, but we’re under these strict mandates about what we’re allowed to say,” says the actress, who plays Teri, the wife… View Article

Leslie Hope as Teri Bauer in 24 Season 1

Leslie Hope 24 Season 1 Premiere Radio Interview

Leslie Hope predicts that if 24 is lucky enough to get a second season, it might go back in time to show what caused all these events to happen – either that, or that it will jump forward in time, so the characters can have some sleep. As an actress, she gets to experience a… View Article