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This was a press interview conducted on the CTU set back in September, but we are just getting the details today. Here are a few of the interesting bits:

Q: Are your fans disappointed that you’re playing an analyst, because they want to see you kick ass?

Sackhoff: Yeah, I came in and sat down with the producers and writers and we had a discussion as far as what they wanted from me and what I wanted to do and hopefully we’ll all meet in the middle so we’ll see. Because I wanted to just blow s**t up and they were like, “I don’t know if we can do that.”

Q: Will we see any former BSG castmates on 24?
Sackhoff: Callum [Keith Rennie]’s on the show. I pushed for that because I didn’t get to see him at the very end and I was like, “Oh, Leoben.” And I’m really good friends with Callum so I was like, “I want to work with Callum again!” So when they cast him and the whole bouncing around of his name was happening, I was calling him going, “Close the deal, you asshole.” He’s like, ‘Well, I don’t know if I can. I have to do this thing in Canada.” And I was like, “Just close the deal!” But when he showed up, I had no scenes with him. Isn’t that horrible? The crew is coming up to me. They’re like, “Callum’s so lovely. We love him. He’s such a great guy.” I was like, “I haven’t seen him yet.”

Check out the full interview over at IGN.

Source: IGN TV

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