24 / Human Target dual promo

This is a new FOX promo advertising both 24 and Human Target (which premiere on the same night – January 17th). Most of the footage has been in other promos already, but there is a few seconds new at the beginning where Jack Bauer asks Renee Walker “Do you really think that’s a good idea?”

YouTube Link: 24/Human Target dual promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] Christopher Chance WISHES he was as cool as Jack Bauer.

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer is absolutly cooler as that other guy :P

[..YouTube..] Punch looked really fake.

[..YouTube..] Oh dear. “Who’s Jack Bauer?” Pfft! Working at CTU and not knowing the grand master…. fail.

[..YouTube..] That was actually quite a damn good trailer.

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[..YouTube..] I love Freddie Prinze Jr.!! =))) <3