24 Season 8 Promo: New Day, New City, New Threat

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8 “New Day, New City, New Threat” Promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] o holy shit!!!! cant wait! only 5 more days!

[..YouTube..] Aww SNAP son, Jack got PWNED by a girl!

[..YouTube..] nice editing! haha

[..YouTube..] Renee is badass.

[..YouTube..] Nice. Renee is such a badass. Jack and Renee will probably continue with their love-hate with each other, but it might bring them a closer together.

[..YouTube..] renee and jack welcome

[..YouTube..] Argh, I can’t wait until 24 Season 8 will be released in germany.


[..YouTube..] damn russians

[..YouTube..] fap yeah. woop ….

[..YouTube..] @Youmna11 that was one of the worst parts of all of 24. Renee was meant for jack… those bastard russians deserved everything jack gave them, and more.

[..YouTube..] best season ever put out

[..YouTube..] @iluvbradpaisley Shut the fuck up