Kiefer Sutherland on Live With Regis and Kelly

Kiefer Sutherland is interviewed on Live With Regis and Kelly. Includes a hilarious quiz portion where they ask Kiefer a whole bunch of questions about the show, and he gets most of them wrong!

Here’s the quiz segment “You don’t know jack… about JACK” in a separate video:

YouTube Link: Kiefer Sutherland Quizzed on 24


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Haha, that was funny… most of the ones that he got wrong are really difficult. But how can he not know that Tony wasn’t in season 6 and Aaron Pierce was?

Maybe Jack didn’t share some scenes with Aaron and that’s why he doesn’t remember them.

[..YouTube..] the second one was aaron pierce

[..YouTube..] @JerichoDeltaY2J Haha me too.

[..YouTube..] Lol, incredible how little he knows, I can’t believe he tried to say Tony appeared in every season!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Haha, I love this. I NEVER knew that he had a bachelors in literature and masters in criminology!

[..YouTube..] I knew all of them apart from that final one, where did they get that from?

[..YouTube..] The biographies used to be on the official 24 website.

[..YouTube..] Ah, right, fair enough. Not sure I’m gonna blame Kiefer for not knowing that one, lol

[..YouTube..] I’d ask when’s the last time he had a cup of coffee on camera?

[..YouTube..] haha i did better than kiefer :)

[..YouTube..] Tony wasn’t in Season 6

[..YouTube..] LOL xD he don’t know the name of his brother? lol so great!!

[..YouTube..] :D:D:D

[..YouTube..] the actors over many seasons, never know as much as the spectators…i’ve seen it with many series…

we love this and know so much because of him…just too cool..geeking out with we answer the questions

[..YouTube..] i dont blame him hes noted in the commentaries on the 24 dvds he does not watch the show out side of filming

i still think its cool i know more about 24 then Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] I think the Tony reason was because initally there plan to end season 6 was with Tony showing up. I think that would have been cool but they stil did it well in season 7. Anyways, Kiefer was pretty good and do you really think that he will remember everything about the show? I mean he said he doesn’t watch it and I think it is pretty impressive that he remembered the real actors names. Aaron Pierce was a tough one and he even remembered the scene in season 2. Anyways Kiefer is badass.

[..YouTube..] hasn’t chloe been in all of the seasons

[..YouTube..] Literature?! Lol, seriously? xD

[..YouTube..] @ashurtzvideos Chloe first started in Season 3.

[..YouTube..] Actually Kiefer was kinda right on the second question. If you can remember, someone (Tony for sure) was meant to show up at the end of Season 6 in a car, but the script got leaked so the writers changed the ending of Jack looking over an ocean.

That’s why Kiefer said he would argue it. That’s my guess anyway.

[..YouTube..] how does he not know jack about jack? the questions were so easy.

[..YouTube..] damn it kiefer he asked in s4 what plane not s2! he completly messed up a season.. hes still awesome though

[..YouTube..] @CanadianForth To be fair they said “Which plane was stolen and shot down” and Air Force 1 wasn’t stolen, so they screwed up the question.

[..YouTube..] ジャックバウアーことキーファ―サザーランドさんカッコいいなぁ。 

[..YouTube..] I’ve been watching loads of 24 recently and could answer all of these questions except for the last one!

[..YouTube..] DUDEE i was yelling at him saying AIR FORCE ONE!!!!!!!!!!! COMON KIEFER!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] KIEFER!!! I’m so ashamed you thought Carlos was in every season of 24!!! Shame on you!

[..YouTube..] @reptongeek
It’s never said in the show, it was written in the characters details on the fox homepage …

[..YouTube..] @CanadianForth although I’m pretty sure AirForce 1 isn’t STOLEN and shot down, it’s shot down by a stolen fighter jet in order for the terrorists to get the ‘football’

[..YouTube..] 5 for 6 boooom shockaloocka

[..YouTube..] this is kinda disappointing : o he doesen’t remember Chase or Graham?? WTF

[..YouTube..] Chek the Girl at 2:20.. She get JACK Joke Very late..

[..YouTube..] Can’t blame the guy for messing up.. lthough Air Force one was a pretty easy one, I understand how he could mess up season 2 with that one:P haha.. Love Keifer so much:P

[..YouTube..] He’s awesome :D