Kiefer Sutherland on Live With Regis and Kelly

Kiefer mentions the 24 movie (hopes to shoot in January, Tony Scott is interested in directing), his upcoming internet series The Confession (late March premiere, possibly releasing three episodes at a time), and his Broadway play That Champsionship Season.

Source 24 Spoilers on YouTube


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[..YouTube..] Great interview. I saw the play twice, great show, I was fortunate to also meet Kiefer and gett his autograph. Such a sweet guy

[..YouTube..] Is Kiefer balding? o_O?

[..YouTube..] OBRIGADA. Para quem esta em outro pais não tem esse canal. Gostei obrigada por C O M P A R T I L H A R.

Shooting in January !!! So not 24 movie before at least….summer 2012…It’s a long way !

[..YouTube..] Wish I could go and see it!

[..YouTube..] Why is Broadway so far away from Tel Aviv? Stupid geography.

[..YouTube..] would have been so funnny,
wen he was like i run, and regis was like in the park, and if he was like nah from the cops,

kiefere sutherland is awsome (Y)