Bob Gunton teases “earth-shaking” 24 shocks

Nice little video interview with Bob Gunton (who plays Ethan Kanin).

Video Link:

“All I can say is, there are more shocks to come,” he said. “There was a big one last Monday. It was a shock for us too, but there are some really earth-shaking ones coming up.”

We asked him about a possible campaign for Cherry Jones for President, and he started to give us some scoop saying, “I don’t think she’d have it. I know she loves playing the president, but again, there is some stuff coming up that…” but stopped himself before finishing the thought, saying only “You may want to tune in.”

Certainly an intriguing answer to leave off on.


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Will Ethan die in ep 19 and Rob come back ?

He’s a mole? :O

Good thinking! That’ll be shocking

The Suprise Secret
April 20, 2010 at 5:41 pm
Big shock hm. Maybe we will find out that Chloe is actually a triple agent, pretending to be a double, agent, who is pretending to be an agent for CTU, when she isnt even an agent at all.

Ethan wasn’t too keen on Taylor taking Logan’s advice and covering up the Russian involvement in the terrorist plot. He might go against her wishes and help Jack expose what’s really going on. Remember what he said to Olivia at the end of season 7; “It’s about the truth.” Ethan’s always struck me as someone who puts honesty ahead of “the right thing to do,” no matter what the consequences.

I am very disappointed on how PRESIDENT TAYLOR has sided with EX president LOGAN AGAINST the advice of BOTH ETHAN and JACK Bauer, two proven and trusted friends who have given so MUCH for their country and always told the TRUTH. She lost my respect and I hope the TRUTH comes out and her willingness to compromise and betray DALIA, KAYLA and ETHAN and JACK is made known. I guess we don’t have time to impeach her. Her treatment of JACK was despicable after all has lost in his service to her and his country.

Yet Ethan suggest Hassan come to UN knowing an assisination attempt on his life in ep 1? Something inconsistent about him that I feel strange. I wish Ethan to be a good guy, but I just can’t rule out the possibility that he may be bad.

Um, the last person who is going to turn out to be a mole now is Ethan.. after Chloe of course. He’s been the most honest person since the first time he appeared on screen. And by honest I mean what Denji said above; his views of “the right thing” go beyond what meets the eye, for lack of a better phrase. In other words, I see lot of what he does as the same decisions Jack would make if he were in Ethan’s shoes.

Anyway, my point is, he was talking about Cherry Jones running for president when he stopped himself. The way I see it, she is going to screw up big time. And I think we know by now letting Logan get to her was her first mistake, and from this interview, I’d say there’s many more to come!

At least we’ve got Jack Bauer to save the day :)

I bet either Ethan or Chloe will turn to a mole in this season

Or may even be Taylor Herself