24 Season 8 Episode 20 (11:00AM-12:00PM) Clip

Nice preview clip (Jack Bauer, Cole Ortiz, and Chloe O’Brian) from episode 20. I love the final few seconds especially.

Thanks CinemaBlend.


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I guess Cole speaks for all of us when he tells Jack not to be to hard on Chloe. I’m liking their partnership. :)

I don’t understand..can somebody explain this to me?
At the end of episode 19 Cole says: How dit you know? Jack then says: I know Chloe. You gotta call CTU, you gotta tell her that her plan worked and you’ve got me locked down and ready for transport..
So Cole calls Chloe to say he is locked down?
But if Jack says he knows her, it may be possible that Cole has to say that so Chloe knows that Jack is still going rogue but the whole locked-down thing is just a fake.
Or does Chloe really thinks now that Jack is locked-down and Cole is helping Jack now?
So Cole is helping Jack now and not Chloe?
In all the seasons Chloe helped Jack..I thought now too with the faked locked down-Jack thing..(for example: look at the end of season 4 where Chloe also helped Jack to fake his death)
It’s kind of confusing for me.


Not nearly as confusing as your post was for me. What are you saying/asking besides “is Cole helping Jack now and not Chloe”? I thought that was quite obvious from both this clip and the previous episode.

Yes ok, but it’s still confusing, maybe Chloe knows Jack is still rogue, because she helped Jack all the time and she also hesitated to help Jack, so maybe she IS helping him, just like all the time, but the Jack-locked-down thing is just a fake, so Chloe and Cole is helping him.
Or I am just wrong?

“Son of a bitch!”

“Yeah, I know…”


Henkie, maybe you are not wrong, but you are TREMENDOUSLY HARD TO UNDERSTAND. :D

@ Henkie

You are really hard to understand. I kinda got your point, but I am still puzzled on what you are trying to say.

Jack said: You gotta call chloe and tell her that her plan worked.
NUMBER 1: Chloe sectretly let jack locked down so that everyone knows he is locked down. But in SECRET, JACK STILL GOES ON WITH HIS PLAN.

NUMBER 2: Her plan worked, the plan to really lock-down Jack. But in secret it isn’t, Jack is still on the loose and now COLE is helping him and the whole government is after him.

So it is number 2 right? But do you guys understand number 1?
Gosh, are you all retards not to understand this?!

Oh yeah, and with number 1 Cole helps him too.
That she will ALWAYS help him?!

That were my thoughts..

Henkie, I think we all understand that you’re thinking that maybe Chloe is still really helping Jack. I think you’re asking us if we think that she is simply appearing to try to capture him because she wants everyone to believe that she wants him locked down. I think we understand what you’re trying to ask, but your words are somewhat confusing. I think we might understand you better if you could verbalize your thoughts, but you’re just doing your best to type them here, which can be tough to do!

In response, no I don’t think Chloe is really trying to help Jack. I think she’s against him because that’s her way of rationalizing and responding to her new position as head of CTU.

Joseph Buule
May 4, 2010 at 3:55 am
Of course Chloe is helping Jack indirectley coz she cant directly go against a n executive order. They just placed Cole to act willingly not forcefully Huh!!