24 Season 8 Episode 21 (12:00PM – 1:00PM) Clips

Four clips this week for 24 Season 8 Episode 21 courtesy of FOX.

Jack’s Right:

On Your Own:

He Executed Her:

Who Is This?:


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come on cole wake the F up homeboy

1. The aide has a point, Jack has lost it. and now Chloe decides he’s right? Way to flip flop it girl after turning your back on him and showing loyalty to a loser of a president.

2. Oh Jack . ” because she tried to lock me down” speaking like a kid there Jackie boy not really hero worthy material.

3. Jealous Cole? As I recall he didn’t have much love for Dana, now he’s turning chicken I’m disappointed in him and I liked him too.

4. Methinks it won’t end well for Ms. Reed.

Didnt like Chloe when she was in charge of CTU wanting to get Jack in custody and then when she is no longer in charge goes back to helping Jack