Annie Wersching Sky video interview

Annie Wersching chats with Sky One about Renee Walker’s death and why she felt like she died three 24 deaths.

YouTube Link: Annie Wersching Sky interview May 2010


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[..YouTube..] Renee and Jack forever!

It’s realy sad that’s Renee dies in Season 8 :(

[..YouTube..] Renee has COLOSTRUM :))

[..YouTube..] if they lowered the camera just a few inches this woulda been a great interview

[..YouTube..] I’m sorry Annie, but Jack Bauer going “Jack Bauer” is NOT the what this show is supposed to be about. It can be an element within the show, but it shouldn’t be the primary draw. You seriously telling me that his failure to save Hassan couldn’t have kept him motivated for a few more hours?

[..YouTube..] @GoRedskinsAndWizards Yeah, Renee deserved a lot better than to be stuffed in the fridge just so Jack could have yet another excuse to go rogue and kill a bunch of people.

oh, look at those.. O_O

[..YouTube..] are those tits real? i can feel it

[..YouTube..] i love annie wersching :) i’m so sad renee’s gone :(

[..YouTube..] i love annie wersching :) i’m so sad renee’s gone :(

[..YouTube..] :O boobs!!!!!


[..YouTube..] shes pregnant so that explains the tits…best looking pregnant chick i’ve seen!!!

[..YouTube..] @JimFullington1

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[..YouTube..] Atleast Jack got to hit that sexy bootay before he lost her. Now he can jerk off everytime hes feeling lonely and think about those big old breastasists bouncing up and down while she was riding his bozack into the sunset on tuesday.

[..YouTube..] Renne Walker is the most badass girl on 24 history

[..YouTube..] Jesus H. Christ! Annie Wersching is hot!

[..YouTube..] @Mattboesch8917 thats why Jack went psycho

[..YouTube..] @happyguy215 LOL yeah he did it cause he was in Love.

[..YouTube..] @happyguy215 Yeah he did it cause the Russians took away his one chance at happyness.

[..YouTube..] Renee was the worst love interest for Bauer. Audrey & Teri were the only ones he truly loved.

Season 8 was bullshit. It repeated way too many plot-lines from the previous seasons & the finale was laughable.

The movie coming to theaters about next year will be amazing but it should’ve ended at Season 7

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