Extra Gives Sneak Peek at 24 Series Finale’s final scene

Find out which two characters the last scene is between and which one delivers the final line of the series (it’s not Kiefer).


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I knew Chloe was gonna be in the final scene with Jack but confirmation is still nice. :) <3

Wow, Kiefer & Chloe in the final scene together & Chloe utters the final words? Wowzers.

Wonder what Chloe says. How about, “I want you so bad, your place or mine?”

Wow I think I might cry :( Goodbye 24

**** ** *o** said by Chloe… “This is good”, “Jack is down”, “Take it down”, “Gone so soon”, “Jack is done”, “Jack is gone”, “take my word”,

“Jack go home.”

I know what it is ” Shut it down” don’t believe me? Check out the spoiler above this one.

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show in the world ………… good bye jack bauer for ever ………… all crew of 24 thank you very much for entrtain us all this years

[..YouTube..] aww kiefer and mary cute hehe, i wish chloe and jack get together =(

I believe that at the end Jack was arrested, for me Jack believe he is free, but when he looked at the corner of the street he is surprised and Chloe said Shut it down, I believe that this finale is like the sopranos, I think that chloe arrested jacK , what do u think?