24 Series Finale Fan Videos

Here are a few 24 series finale fan videos. I’m sure there’s a lot more, if you made one tweet me the link or email through the contact form on this site and I might put it up in a future roundup post later on.

24: The Ultimate Show – Series Finale Tribute Part 1 by BCWilson2

24 – The Final Hour ‘The End’

Don’t Fight It Montage (8×24 clip at end)


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[..YouTube..] that was awesome thanks

[..YouTube..] yeah Cool!

[..YouTube..] awesome :)

[..YouTube..] that was a GREAT summary of the whole season!!!

[..YouTube..] This is the best serie ever !

[..YouTube..] Love it

[..YouTube..] This is amazing! I have mixed feelings though, I allready miss the show and I haven’t seen the end yet, I will in a few days.

[..YouTube..] Ahah… you’re right, he’s very tender with his friends LOL

[..YouTube..] ROFL. WIN.

[..YouTube..] LMFAO!

[..YouTube..] LOOOL xD awesome

[..YouTube..] this is amazing! fantastic job!

VERY VERY VERY nice finale! releas date on the movie ?

[..YouTube..] Buahahaha that was amazing.

[..YouTube..] Wow! both this part and part 2 are absolutly amazing! can’t believe its over =( thnks for making these awesome vids! take care x

[..YouTube..] Some parts even made me cry =P

[..YouTube..] that was amazing!
what an amazing series!!
will be missed :(

[..YouTube..] ROFLMAO!

[..YouTube..] roflmao

[..YouTube..] Really awesome , 24 will be missed a lot … I watch since i was 13
Congratulations from Brazil

[..YouTube..] hahahh WELL DONE!
Renee looked really different last season.

[..YouTube..] Epic ostalgia.

[..YouTube..] It’s great, great ,great!!!…and sad too!!what goods moments!!
thanks you so much for this.
the music is so…. ( what’ the title of season2?)

[..YouTube..] Great that’s made me nostalgic, I spent so many good moment watching 24
Man, I miss this show !!!!

[..YouTube..] Pretty amusing …

[..YouTube..] this really is great! might i ask what you use for editing?

[..YouTube..] Very nice work, BCWilson2. =]

Great set of videos to encompass this shows best, and most powerful moments! Fitting and epic music, too. Every fan of 24 will enjoy this tribute.

My favorite sections were S2 – 4 and S6, Redemption, 7 and 8. Powerful and enjoyable. S1 and 5 sections were good too, but for me were a little less exciting. I think it would’ve been great if you could’ve included Kim and Chloe more, as another person mentioned.

But overall, great set of tribute videos!

[..YouTube..] this is epic! Great job, thank you for sharing this!!! I wanna know what software you used for editing too.

[..YouTube..] @Casino007Royale2 I use vegas movie studio. It’s really easy and great to use but it can be a real pain sometimes…at least my version can be.

[..YouTube..] Congratulations for this very good work. 24 miss me already !

[..YouTube..] Amazing !!!! Great Job !! congratulations.

[..YouTube..] Great!!!!! I like it!


[..YouTube..] Nice video.

[..YouTube..] We don’t really see Chloe much she’s not really a main character until season 5.

[..YouTube..] Fantastic tribute Ilove it thx 4 sharing

[..YouTube..] Ha ha, that’s hilarious — I hope you add the other scenes too, he must have done this a dozen times over the series!

[..YouTube..] it’s oddly sexy how he does that…….

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer rules all! If I could get him to do that to me, I’d put it on my CV :-)

[..YouTube..] Forever 24….

[..YouTube..] wow, great tribute

[..YouTube..] AMAZING!! This is just so incredible! I love it! What music did you use?

[..YouTube..] @Breeluvz24 Thanks! Music’s in the description. It’s mostly trailer music.

[..YouTube..] @Breeluvz24 Thanks! Music’s in the deion. It’s mostly trailer music.

[..YouTube..] @BCWilson2 Lol yea sorry I realized that after I posted the comment. But seriously…incredible vid!

[..YouTube..] I love this. Make some more 24 vids!

[..YouTube..] THAT WAS AWSOME! Great Job!

[..YouTube..] wow ……….jack is the fucking man!!!!!!!!! when the world needs a hero look no further than jack!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] MAD skills…..PERIOD.

[..YouTube..] Idk if my comment went through or not the other day. but damn Good Video Man. Just one question ? Do you know how to crop out the fox logo ? I took some episodes off of my dvr so i could make a tribute video of my own and the stupid logo is bothering me.

[..YouTube..] @magiceddie05 well I get my clips from dvds so they don’t have the logo but I think the easiest way to get rid of the logo which I’ve used before is to letterbox the video. Change the dimensions so that it crops the top and bottom of the video barely and move it up so you only crop out the logo. This will give your video a widescreen look with blackstrips on the top and bottom.

[..YouTube..] @BCWilson2 oh nice. thanks for the help. i have the dvds so i can always just figure out how to rip the episodes from the dvds

[..YouTube..] @magiceddie05 ok cool. I use an old version of magicdvdripper. (the newer versions won’t rip tv shows because of copyright stuff)

[..YouTube..] @BCWilson2 hey i just have one more question. How do you post your vids without having them pulled or getting a message saying copyrighted stuff was used ? I posted a lost boys video and youtube pretty much prevented it from seeing the light of day. But i saw several other lost boys tributes that were not pulled. I just don’t want to get in trouble or anything.

[..YouTube..] @magiceddie05 Well you can either give it a shot and upload the video as is and youtube may or may not take it down depending on if slips under the radar and who owns the copyrights. From what I know the youtube copyright program works by matching video/audio clips to a database. If you have very very close to 100% match then it will say your video is copyrighted. So, in order to bypass the system you have to alter the audio or video. Search for how to get past the copyright on youtube.

[..YouTube..] @BCWilson2 okay i thought that was the case. How would you alter video though ? because i know how to change music around to avoid that getting picked out.

[..YouTube..] I will miss you so much Mr. Bauer.

[..YouTube..] @magiceddie05 the easiest is probably mirroring the image I think. Type in “bypassing youtube video copyright” in the search and see what comes up. I’ve never used any of the methods but apparently they work.

[..YouTube..] This is great!

[..YouTube..] nice video…24 was epic

[..YouTube..] The best show in the universe. Each episode was like a mini movie. No other show could ever be like 24, and always will be. Fox discontinuing 24 is like losing a loved one. This was truly the end of an era. Can’t wait for the movie, and already hope for many sequels! Jack Bauer will live on! =D

[..YouTube..] i have one quick question: having all the seasons of 24 on your computer, does that take up ridiculous space?

[..YouTube..] really good vid … i really love 24
i watched like every season 3 times over and over … and after some years i thought … ok why not look for another good season … searched everywhere couldn’t find anything that is as good as 24. Well guess i have to watch 24 for a 4th time …x D


[..YouTube..] A melhor série de todas!!!

[..YouTube..] holy crap… that was the best 24 video Ive ever seen.

[..YouTube..] Damn good video!

[..YouTube..] I miss Jack, so much….

[..YouTube..] Great skills!! The best 24 video ever… DAMN IT!! :D

[..YouTube..] What is the name of the song?

[..YouTube..] that was ………. amazing


[..YouTube..] fantastic video, thank you.

[..YouTube..] which episode was the first one?

[..YouTube..] @defjamXXX Jack choking Renee is from 24 Season 7, episode 3.

[..YouTube..] Lets make one thing clear I AM THE BIGGEST 24 FAN OUT THERE. BEEN WATCHING SINCE SEASON 1 like many others. god i miss this show brings back soo many characters. my favorites of all time of course, jack, tony, david palmer, michelle dessler, and nina myers was a great villian no one like her. new 24 neebies might think dana walsh is bad ass but shes horrible for this type of drama show. nina myers had everybody fooled. nothing beats 24 season 1-3 those were golden awesome storylines and actors.

[..YouTube..] for fans that have been watching since day 1. season 1 has got to be the best just cuz of the authenticity of 24 the beginning how the show was structured. this went soo much into depth into all the characters where other seasons didnt. I love 24 having a black president candidate 9 years before Obama awesome. a lot of people didnt like season 2 cuz of the kim story lines which is understandable but I think season 2 aside from that was brilliant the writing was fantastic.

[..YouTube..] ok on to season 3 now. season 3 started out very very very slow. i thought it was all pointless breaking salazar at just to find a credible buyer to buy the cordilla virus only to have been played by amador in mexico. anyways i will say from episodes 13-24 on season 3 it really got ramped up and much better. stephen saunders was one of the best villians michelle was awesome in this season i was sad tony went to jail and palmer decided not to seek re-election but it was still great drama.

[..YouTube..] ok season 4 ill keep short i didnt like how they abandoned the former characters it was a very plain and dry season didnt like it very weak shooting down air force one was good idea getting beat by our own technology stealth fighter, however i didnt like marwan kept escaping time after time. made it unbelivable. I think the only thing to take from season 4 was the raid on the chinese consulate because that was a precursor to season 5. and it was sad the last time palmer and jack spoke.

[..YouTube..] season 5 was really good really picked up drastically from season 4. great actors but i dont think it was as good as the first 2 seasons. it was very sad and hard to forgive the 24 writers for killing off my 3 of my favorite characters in dessler, almeida, and palmer. none the less logan was a great villian second to nina myers. it got a little dry in the middle started very strong. martha logan and audrey raines played great roles here, finally the ending was just unreal jack headed to china.

[..YouTube..] ok not gonna say much about seasons 6 and 8 because those were hard to watch by far the 2 worst seasons of 24. now season 7 was alright better than 4 but behind 1-3 and 5. it was kind of dumb the way tony survived like couldnt ctu just inject tony with epiniphrine themselves instead of emerson. tony coming was cool i understand his motives wanting revenge i dont think he was all that bad. jack being injured by the pathogen was just really dumb at the end of the season. decent season.

[..YouTube..] OK I hope you enjoyed my views and opinions on seasons 1-8 I am a huge 24 fan. and btw great tribute video btw. can’t get enough of this show atleast watched every season a good 5 times.

[..YouTube..] This is an impressively powerful video…..well done

[..YouTube..] wait so he dies?

[..YouTube..] Does he kill people this way?

[..YouTube..] Jack is like a bear, he doesn’t know his own strength. He thinks they are spazzing out from holding in the tears, that’s why he tells them “don’t fight it”, but they are really choking.

[..YouTube..] After Season 2, the most overrated show in the history of television.

[..YouTube..] Season 5 premiere was the best ever.

[..YouTube..] it’s really sad because if u watch closely when they storm the embassy, the chinese agents are actually the ones who killed the consul

[..YouTube..] @seductivehunter incorrect

[..YouTube..] @moviemaker12 Okay, I was being kind. After Season 1, the most overrated show in the history of television.

[..YouTube..] @seductivehunter exactly. thats why season 5 won emmys in the best actor catagory and best drama. Makes sense

[..YouTube..] brilliant!

[..YouTube..] @moviemaker12 Thank you. <3

[..YouTube..] President Logan took the easy way out the coward!



[..YouTube..] 24 has been landmark for series, and will do that for next 10 years

[..YouTube..] @AnttiFantti3 Indeed

[..YouTube..] And from what episode is the second, if I may ask?

[..YouTube..] @AETroll I believe it’s Season 7 episode 11 or 12 (right before the white house siege).

[..YouTube..] will really miss 24 and Jack bauer…

[..YouTube..] nice, its very good – jack bauer is the best forever!

[..YouTube..] @walkercount Thx. :)

[..YouTube..] Jim Morrison and the Doors.
Great job of editing the video.

[..YouTube..] I still remember watching the ENTIRE First Season with my bro. Man, was this show awesome.

[..YouTube..] Poor Jack… the series left him with obvious broken bones, a head injury, and a bullet wound to the left shoulder. On top of this he is one of America’s most wanted, and for what…? Doing the right thing!

[..YouTube..] One question: Is the end of the 7th season in the 2nd part of the tribute? cuz iwant to watch it in tv first

[..YouTube..] @racefan32 he’s still alive but brain dead.

[..YouTube..] i really love 24. I love Jack Bauer and how he thinks. gosh! I am so gonna miss the show. another season please…

[..YouTube..] This is so good!! Well done! :DDD
24 FTW!!

[..YouTube..] 24 IS THE BEST

[..YouTube..] @walkercount actually it’s episode 4

[..YouTube..] I’m fighting it Jack I’m fighting…. uhhhh

[..YouTube..] @smackmabitchup yeah the second part is seasons 6, 7, and 8.

[..YouTube..] Is so sad that 14 has to end now… I want another4 season… some stressfull moments with Jack Bauer… cant wait til the movie comes out

[..YouTube..] nice video mate

[..YouTube..] 1 guy fought it

[..YouTube..] Oh my gosh, an actual GREAT video, along with no shitty background music! Great job on the video, loved every second of it!

[..YouTube..] is it me or is it reallly dark

[..YouTube..] What’s the song during the clips of season 3?

[..YouTube..] @filmaddict24 freedom fighters by two steps from hell. all the songs are in the description

[..YouTube..] Why the … did you put on that noisy and bad song?

[..YouTube..] @thatkrazyguyukno I TOTALLY AGREE… i balled my eyes out watching this! :'( …GOOD LUCK JACK! wherever you are! <3

[..YouTube..] Well just finished watching season 8 and quite how they managed to make 8 series is beyond and how I watched all 8 is even more beyond me. the writing is horrible and predictable the acting is really wooden and forced. All the stories are pretty similar. American is good Muslims are evil. It has the most annoying character the world has ever seen Chloe O’brien (no acting ability) it’s a horrible show. the only shining light is Kiefer Sutherland!! PLEASE DON’T MAKE A 9TH SEASON!!

I will not fight it :) sexy

[..YouTube..] @TheLastFraudster DONT FUCKING WATCH IT IF THERES A 9TH bitch fuck you cunt breath asshole DOOM ON YOU YEAH FUCK THE MUSLIMS FUCK ALLAH they are evil shariah law is proof at least women in America dont get stoned to death or need to have 4 male witness to say they were raped fucking evil vermin they should be eradicated its the best show your opinion is nothing to the million who love the show

[..YouTube..] Curtis, dont fight it

[..YouTube..] @5446jesse619 Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is just their are some that are wrong. Also Allah means god in arabic so yeah. Also yes they do have some pretty excentric views on how they treat people their that should be stopped as well

[..YouTube..] @TheLastFraudster No you are talking about twilight mate. None of them are stonefaced in the slightest and not all of the villans were musliums and in the most of the seasons they have muslium good guys as well and all religion and race bad guys. In the 8th the russians used people who had grudges against america so it was actually teh russians who were to blame not the musliums. Also the leader of Iran, his wife and his daughter were also muslium so that thows yoru theory out the window.

[..YouTube..] I wish he killed Suverov and Logan with one shot

[..YouTube..] great job BC WILSON, I like what you did, the music , the scenes, great job!!

[..YouTube..] It started with a man trying to do his job to the best of his ability, and ended with the same man doing everything in his power to avenge the pain and losses that came with doing his job. No matter what, Jack Bauer will never die, and these…are the longest days of his life.

[..YouTube..] When Jack did this to Chuck Norris, he couldn’t fight it

[..YouTube..] watching crappy ass shows like the pathetically acted and scripted “The Event” really makes me miss 24.

[..YouTube..] Seasons 1, 5, 6, and 8 were the best, I’m damned to not be seeing Jack Bauer every week, can’t wait for the movie, early 2012 :D

[..YouTube..] Bill Buchanan R.I.P
George Mason R.I.P
Michelle Dessler R.I.P
Edgar Stiles R.I.P
Renee Walker R.I.P
Larry Moss R.I.P
Teri Bauer R.I.P
Ryan Chappelle R,I.P
Curtis Manning R.I.P
Milo Pressman R.I.P
Gael Ortega R.I.P
Tony Almeida R.I.P
President David Palmer R.I.P

[..YouTube..] i remeber in the final season when jack choked chloe… thats the one person i never thought he would do then he forced her to shoot him.

[..YouTube..] @skate7129008 if someone else picks it up that is,Fox/Searchlight didnt pick up the script

[..YouTube..] this was a well done clip,congrats

[..YouTube..] @Xyberfaust Lol! Just like Lenny xD

[..YouTube..] Is there going to be movie?

[..YouTube..] @soundtrack795 I think Tony Almeida is only arrested, not dead.

[..YouTube..] He’ll be back in the feature film.

[..YouTube..] I miss this programme so much,all we get over here is shite & more shite eg The fkn x factor that were gonna have to put up with for the next fuck knows how many weeks.I hope they’re still going ahead with the film,havnt heard any thing about it for ages.

[..YouTube..] this is a legend – 24 <3

[..YouTube..] The person who disliked this must be a terrorist

[..YouTube..] @SuperQBoi lmao

[..YouTube..] One person must have had their embassy invaded.

[..YouTube..] Hahahaahaha Jack Bauer is a man amongst men. Got to love how he says “Don’t fight it”

[..YouTube..] this is an awesome video! Good Job!

[..YouTube..] Absolutely amazing. As a huge fan of the series, I had shivers running down my spine for the entire video. Great Job!

[..YouTube..] Oh my god this is GREAT!!!!

[..YouTube..] 24 almost completely makes up for the toxic sludge that is modern TV. Heck, MOVIES can’t touch the perfect mixture of drama, action, and humanity that is 24.


[..YouTube..] Holy Shit. This show is addicting. I started watching this show on netflix just to waste time. I ended watching it half way through the 7th episode. over 4 hours.

[..YouTube..] Season 3 is the best.

[..YouTube..] Bill Gates started his journey of becoming a tycoon through the technique at ez-casino(dot)com. Did you actually know that? LOL.

[..YouTube..] DAMN IT !!!!!!! I miss 24

[..YouTube..] your video is fucking amazing.

[..YouTube..] Jack is awesome :D

[..YouTube..] everytime i watch this th ehair on my leg stands strait up.

[..YouTube..] Thumbs up if you think season 1 was the best season of 24