Rumor: Die Hard / 24 movie crossover was being planned

24 Movie and Die Hard Crossover
24 Movie and Die Hard Crossover

Aint It Cool News is reporting a juicy rumor on how the next Die Hard film got it’s name of Die Hard 24/7 – apparently FOX execs floated an idea of using their two properties in a crossover flick that would have Jack Bauer and John McClane appear in the same film.

The source says that Kiefer Sutherland was more interested in keeping the 24 franchise separate.

Source Ain't It Cool News


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I 100% agree with Kiefer. I think 24 is best – and should be – kept as a separate franchise. I really wouldn’t want to see a 24 crossover with any movie, let alone Die Hard, at all. I like 24 best as a whole original franchise, because that’s what got us hooked on the series in the first place.
Plus, I just LOVE Jack Bauer!!

as much as I agree that they should be kept apart…that would be one crazy badass movie

no no noooo!

OOOOOOOOO no I hope not, Love Jack Bauer he would kill Die hard not even the same. Plus Die Hard 4 was so over the top it ruined the franchise, which was awesome, but for reasons not evne close to 24

Sounds dumb

These two franchises should NEVER be combined. That would of been the biggest mistake and would of ruined both Die Hard and 24. These are two separate universes and it needs to stay that way.

Yeah, ok…Who’s bright idea was this…Should be fired for hitting the crack pipe…Last I saw 24 was not an action/comedy…