Kiefer Sutherland talks 24 movie on Jimmy Kimmel

Kiefer Sutherland was interviewed on Live with Jimmy Kimmel about his new series Touch, and of course the 24 movie. He once again claims they are aiming for an April start date, this time getting a little more specific and saying mid-April.

One interesting new reveal, is that despite the extra freedom of a movie versus a TV show when it comes to cursing, the current draft of the script has Jack Bauer swearing only a single time. This could potentially mean that 20th Century FOX is aiming for wider PG-13 release (like with Live Free or Die Hard) rather than making it R.


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* GOSTEI! * Aqui não tem esse programa se tivesse eu gravaria. Por enquanto no BRASIL não tem divulgação dos trabalhos do KIEFER, gostei de ler a tradução e ver o video. Eu sempre visito esse “blog” que me traz atualizações sobre o KIEFER SUTHERLAN que amo. Obrigada por COMPARTILHAR.

Oooops… sorry, I’m from Spain and I didn’t understand the last part… can anyone explain it a little more for me? Thanks!!

I always thought the ’24’ movie would be a PG-13, the series was pretty much that throughout it’s run (albeit borderline at times), and there’s no sense, creatively or commercially, in jamming in gratuitous profanity and bloody, gory violence just ’cause you can, and thereby closing off a large swathe of the potential audience, both 20th Century Fox and Imagine Entertainment and Kiefer Sutherland want the ’24’ movie to be seen by as wide an audience as possible, but that potential mid-April start date is great, let’s hope it happens, but if they’re still sticking to that, shouldn’t they be hiring a director rather pronto to get started on prepping the movie for that production date…. and my bet’s still on a late November release!

The film should be rated R in my opinion. If they get a director who has vision and can find balance between action and violence and language without being over the top and gratuitous, then it could work. The first three Die Hard films were rated R and was successful so why not 24? And also this allows the movie to be different from the tv show and the Bond and Bourne films which are always PG-13. But if FOX decides the movie should be PG-13, I’ll understand given the climate of actions films nowadays. Maybe the unrated version will be released on dvd and blu-ray.

“If they get a director who has vision and can find balance between action and violence and language without being over the top and gratuitous.”

See, that’s just the problem. The balance shouldn’t be between action violence and language. The balance should be between emotion and action, nothing else. If the 24 movie is like the Die Hard movies (just blood and gore and language), I will have no problems in giving it a one star review.

I agree Gerry, it would seem completely out of character for Jack to be constantly dropping F-Bombs anyway. A PG-13 is perfectly fine for me, although I can see how some would be disappointed by that.

I’m a bit skeptical of Kiefer’s “April” claims for the 24 movie considering the lack of any information (or even rumors). Feature films require a lot of preparation and with just under three months to go there isn’t much time left to hire a director, cast the movie, scout for locations, secure filming permits, build all the sets, and whatever other preproduction stuff they need.

Shame that none of these interviewers ever bother to ask Kiefer these kinds of follow-up questions about the movie.

Tut, tut, @24Spoilers dude, we’ll have none of that negativity on this site, just keep thinking positive thoughts and say “they’re gonna begin filming in April, they’re gonna begin filming in April” a hundred times before you go to sleep…

I don’t know why people are so uptight when it comes to language and violence in movies. I wanna see Jack Bauer unleashed in the new movie, raw and real, not some watered down version that is geared towards kids and make it family friendly. There’s an audience out there who wants to see a good hardcore balls to the wall action movie that pulls no punches. Can you imagine if films like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, The Terminator, Cliffhanger, and Robocop were PG-13? It wouldn’t be the same movie. After over a decade of comic book and sci-fi fantasy movies that action films of today has lost its luster with unbelievable action sequences that requires CGI. And I don’t think it’s out of character for Jack Bauer to drop F-Bombs, not every five minutes but only when the scene calls for it and when it’s appropriate to use it, but that’s just my opinion. As for the emotion that people want to see, well you can explore that in a course of season with 24 episodes but in a two hour movie where the pace has to be fast, it’s going to be tricky to pull that off. But in the end we want the same thing, a great 24 movie.

@BMAN… No emotion equals a terrible movie. If the movie is all gunfire… f**k… blood… sh*t… violence.. f**k… it will be TERRIBLE!!! It needs to have a personal storyline and/or interesting 3D characters. it has been done before and it can be done again.

My favorite action movie for example, is “Crimson Tide” starring Academy Award Winners Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman. it is a WWIII type scenario in which a nuclear submarine is ordered to deploy nuclear weapons into russian rebels who have taken over the country. A few minutes later, they receive another message while they’re being attacked by another sub but they are cutoff and can’t receive the whole message. The message reads “stop deployment of nuclear payload”, but there’s no confirmation code on the Message because it was cutoff, so the message could in fact come from the rebels in an attempt to stop the attack. This turns into a great (and violent) debate between the sub’s old-guard captain and the young well-educated XO. It is exhilarating to see these two men fighting and arguing with a couple of violence thrown in. A couple of deaths and a lot of punches are thrown (with a couple of f**ks in between).
Nominated for 3 Oscars for sound mixing, sound editing and musical score, Crimson Tide remains the best action thriller I have ever seen. And it contained emotion, violence, a couple of swear words, a great plot and great characters. And THAT’S what I want from a 24 Movie.

Sorry, Crimson Tide was nominated for Sound mixing, sound editing and film editing, not musical score.

It’s just a shame Tony Scott ISN’T doing the ’24’ movie anymore, with movies like ‘Crimson Tide’, ‘Deja Vu’, and ‘Unstoppable’, Scott would have been perfect, and I was genuinely disappointed when he dropped out…

PG-13? Hell no. Blood, violence, and “”””””””bad””””””” word. That’s what action is about.

@samus88 it’s because of that thinking that action movies have become worse and worse throughout the years.

The action movies of today sucks because the target audience nowadays is 12 year old kids. The PG-13 rating has wussified action movies. The action movies of today isn’t dark, gory, and badass anymore. Action films today are computer generated crap that catered to the Twilight crowd now.

I’m not arguing the 24 movie should be PG-13 (although you can get away with a lot under that rating nowadays), all I’m saying is the balace of the movie shouldn’t be between “action and violence and language”. It should be between Drama/emotional story and action.

Why do people insist on idiotic movies? Why can’t you go play a violent videogame if all you want is blood, violence, and swearing? Leave the drama films out of your dumbed down sights.

completely agreed @X

Completely agreed @X.

To each his own…By the way the movie Safe House, which may be too violent and nihilistic for some people, opened big this past weekend which proves that there’s an audience out there who wants to see a good rockin action movie that’s actually made for adults, not for kids, and that a R rated movie can compete with the PG-13 crowd.

No one is questioning whether there’s an audience for R-rated movies. What I’m saying is, what is the best kind of movie? I don’t care if its R rated or PG-13 as long as it’s GREAT.
And my definition of “great” isn’t violence, blood, gore and gunshots every other scene.
My definition of “great” is a full, well rounded, thrilling, exciting and surprising story with action scenes that will blow me away and a strong central character (Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer) with a compelling supporting cast. Of course 24 without action wouldn’t be 24. I WANT action. I wan’t Jack to kick some terrorist ass from here to Sunday. But I don’t want to see that for 2 hours straight!!! I want to see that as a recurring element, not as the central part of the story.
I rest my case.
for now…

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