24 makes list of IMDB’s Top 10 series of the last decade

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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their IMDbPro service, major film and television websites IMDB.com has released data on the biggest stars, films, and television series on their site over the past decade.

The television list is sorted by highest average ranking over the last ten years, and 24 placed in at a very respectable sixth. The full list is below:

Top 10 TV Series of the Last 10 Years on IMDB

1. Lost
2. House M.D.
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. Heroes
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. 24
7. Glee
8. True Blood
9. Dexter
10. Gossip Girl

Source: THR


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Okay I’m sorry I have no problem with the first five shows but seriously? They’re nothing compared to 24! Everyone always talks about Lost that does not deserve to be in first no way it should have definitely been 24. At least in the top three. Not behind How I Met Your Mother…

And Heroes oh please come on!

It’s just a popularity list, not a quality list.

@X Once again… agreed sir.

Look at this terrible list from IMDB, Heroes was terrible except for S1, House went bad after s5, 24 was the best show ever follwed by Dexter and Breaking Bad. Who made this list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24 Rocks as the best show ever made!