Kiefer Sutherland reveals 24 movie info to TV Guide

Kiefer 24 Movie TV Guide

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed some information from the 24 movie script stating that Jack has created a lot of enemies and is on the run, along with some other teases.

Even Hollywood can’t keep Jack Bauer down. The long-awaited 24 movie may start production as early as April. “I love the script,” Sutherland says. “If I had to do the poster, I’d say, ‘For eight days Jack Bauer had to save his country. Today, Jack Bauer has to save himself’.” Instead of a big global threat unfolding in real time, the movie compacts on day into two hours as JB fights for survival. The script opens with Jack in Eastern Europe before traveling west. “His years of service created a lot of enemies and he’s estranged from the U.S.; he’s been hiding a while,” Sutherland says. “Jack is in a kind a purgatory and he’s running as opposed to chasing, which is a huge shift.” Will Chloe and other familiar faces show up ? “It’s mostly Jack on his own, but he does network out to some of his old team,” Sutherland reveals. “And if I said more than that, someone more powerful than Jack Bauer will have my ass kicked.”

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I’d love to see Cheng come back because like one of three villains who managed to survive Jack’s wrath.

Great bit of news this, good to hear they’re still planning to begin production in April, but why has no director been hired as yet – Jon Cassar would be my choice, who knew and directed ’24’ better? – but that plot summary sounds promising, Jack as the hunted rather than the hunter, lots of potential for some intense action, but I think it will be a completely new villain for the movie, as it should be, and not a recurring character from the series…

March 1, 2012 at 10:21 pm
Gostei das noticias, entendo que por mais que o KIEFER queira comentar, ele esta proibido pois nos leva a querer ver esse trabalho pronto o mais rápido possivel. Quanto ás pessoas que podem trabalhar com ele acho que até a SARA CLARC pode voltar, já que o CARLOS BERNAD voltou por que não? O vilão poderia ser DONALD SUTHERLAND.

Jon Cassar contribution to 24 will be indeliable and will never be forgotten but for the movie, I think it’s a good idea to bring in somebody new who has feature film expierence and can bring his own unique vision of the film, but will also be able to keep the roots of the 24 tv series but gives us a new look visually of 24 that we never used to see because the restraints of television. That’s why I think Antoine Fuqua or Daniel Espinosa are the best candidates to direct the movie in my opinion.

This… is AWESOME!!!

I just hope that this “chased” thing isn’t like the bourne identity. I want him to have some emotional scenes as well. I want us to feel his pain and suffering. I want this film to be known as the best Human Drama ever made.

Mother of god.. this will be great!!

I understand your point of view, BMAN dude, but I think it would be preferable for someone with longtime knowledge and experience of the ’24’ series to do the film version – a good case in point would be Rob Bowman, a longtime director on ‘The X-Files’ who helmed the 1998 big-screen version, and did a darn good job of it too, it would have took time to get an outside director who knew enough about that world, time they didn’t have – and I think it’s fair to say that Jon Cassar was the premiere director on the ’24’ series, besides, just because he works primarily on television doesn’t mean he couldn’t make a great movie… don’t forget that the likes of Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner all began on the small screen!

@Gerry Mander… My main issue is that I don’t want the 24 movie to feel like a two hour episode on the big screen and if the movie have the same group of people who made the television series then there’s a tendency to be complacent and safe and in danger of repeating themselves with familiar action scenes we’ve already seen in the tv show. After eight seasons and one tv movie, it’s very important to hire a good director who has a fresh take on 24 and can shake things up and take them out of their comfort zone and make the movie less predictable and if the director has any questions about 24, then who’s better to answer them then Kiefer Sutherland who knows 24 and the character of Jack Bauer better than everybody else.

24 Is the best thing that has ever graced the TV.
it is great new about the movie, that’s if is not just another wind up,
which they did with a possible 9th season.
I was very happy about that, then it pissed me off, because it was a stupid april fools joke, which had me going there for a while.
Why can’t they make another series, then another, then another?.
why is it, that when they have a hit on their hands, they’ve got to cease making them?.
it just don’t make sense.
The worst part of any 24, is the final episode of the latest series, because you never know if that will be the last.
Oh, well, until the movie comes out, or dare i say it, another series, i’ll just have to feed my craving by watching them all again, back to back, i have the whole lot..
Come on you lot, don’t tease us, give us what we want.
i just can’t get enough
Take care