24 Movie Delayed – Not Happening This Year

Jack Bauer with Gun

Disappointing news today, but not entirely surprising – the 24 movie is not happening anytime soon.

EXCLUSIVE: I’m hearing that fans of the Fox series 24 are going to have to continue waiting for the long-awaited 24 feature film. 20th Century Fox isn’t going forward with the film this year. It hadn’t been greenlit, but it was scheduled to get going in late March, with Kiefer Sutherland jumping into Jack Bauer mode when his new series Touch goes on hiatus in April. The studio was zeroing in on a director — Antoine Fuqua was the most recent conversation I’d heard of — when the decision was made this week to not go forward, at least this year.

There are rumors this came down to budget and that Sutherland is upset because he was sparked up to resume his role as the rough-and-tumble government operative, who over eight seasons prevented numerous apocalyptic terror attacks. Studio insiders tell me Fox wasn’t convinced it had enough time to complete the film before Sutherland has to go back to work on Touch‘s second season, and didn’t want to rush and neither did Sutherland. The picture is being produced by Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer and Sutherland and they have a script written by Billy Ray, and polished by Mark Bomback. It’s ready to go.

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I would just like to say that I am very sad right now…
And as for Antoine Fuqua… he has directed ONE film which received positive reviews from critics in his entire career which happened to be “Training Day”, the movie which got Denzel Washington the Oscar for Best Actor. But can we really hope him to do a great job if his track record doesn’t show it?

As for both writers Billy Ray and Mark Bomback… Ray has written three movies with positive reviews (“Shattered glass” whose response was particularly positive, “Breach” and “State of Play”). Bomback has written two movies that got favorable reviews (“Live Free or Die Hard” and “Unstoppable”).

And so, as I am of the belief that writing matters more than directing, I’m satisfied with this choice… but I think they should retry Tony Scott. He’s the best action movie director of our age (although as I have said countless times before, I hope the 24 movie will have emotion and drama instead of just bullets and blood).

Can’t say I’m shocked. With April and May slowing creeping up the calendar and no director hired yet, it would have been a major rush job to get this movie completed in time, especially with almost no time for pre-production. If Touch gets a 2nd season, Kiefer’s window is roughly 3 months give or take and they would need to have everything ready to get going, which they don’t right now.

I say re-evaluate the scheduling, hire Fuqua and give him alot of time for pre-production (Fall, Winter) Then, when Touch wraps season 2 next year, they can get going without any hiccups.

Cancel Touch! It looks fucking wank.

Really I’m pissed off !!
Fox renews Touch just after one episode aired, and don’t want to make a movie of one of the most successful show !!

‘Tis a sad day indeed, im so pissed off!

@24bauerfan I dunno, I thoroughly enjoyed Tears of the Sun.

Disappointing news! Can anyone give an estimate of when the film might be released, and what’s happening in the second half of the year that prevents 24 from being filmed then? Thanks.

If the ’24’ movie is not going to be made until 2013, then forget about Antoine Fuqua and hire Jon Cassar pronto, so he can fulfill his television project obligations and start prepping the movie in good time for next summer’s probable production start…

By the way, take a bow, BMAN dude, you were right about Antoine Fuqua all along, I tip my hat to you good sir…

@Gerry Mander…Thank you but I’m still crossing my fingers that a agreement can be reached between FOX and Imagine at the last minute so this movie can be made very soon. Unlikely I know but one can always hope.

@Jomskylark – Kiefer will be busy filming the second season of his new television series “Touch” and won’t be available until around April 2013. So that’s the earliest they can start filming the movie.

Oh, rats!